GV50- 'Theri' audio review

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Author :Siddharth K
Last Updated: Mon, Mar 21st, 2016, 14:59:38hrs
GV50- 'Theri' audio review
Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Rokesh,Pa.Vijay,Kabilan,Pulamaipithan,Na.Muthukumar,R. Thiyagarajan,Arunraja Kamaraj
Direction: Atlee

Album Analysis:

Jithu Jiladi
Singers: Deva, Balachandran
Lyrics: Rokesh
The much totuted ‘ulagatharalocal’ song! ‘Jithu Jiladi’ looks all set to make Vijay dazzle in his dancing shoes in a local song. The charanam portions seem as good fodder for some montage shots as well where Vijay gets to show off his police-isms. Deva (who was last heard in ‘Maan Karate’) makes a grand comeback in his usual style and there is no better explorer in the gaana genre as him. The bits that came in the teaser, come here as the prelude and interludes and are certainly the high points of the song. If you get initially taken aback because of the gaana genre of the song, try sticking to hearing it for multiple times! It grows!

En Jeevan
Singers: Hariharan, Saindhavi, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar, R Thiyagarajan
En Jeevan’ is right up GV’s alley! Having known as the composer with a penchant for melodies, the composer adds one more soulful melody to his repertoire. It is nice to listen to Hariharan after quite a long time (at least, it feels that way!). The Sanskrit slokas rendered in the interludes by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi sure elevates the tune. Also to be liked, is the fact that the song is more earthy without any jarring instruments and more focus has been given to the Rhythm and soul of the track.

Eena Meena Teeka
Singers: Uthra Unni Krishnan, GV Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay, Arunraja Kamaraj
‘Eena Meena Teeka’ reunites the successful ‘Saivam’ combo! This track which showcases itself as a Father-Daughter song is heavily montage driven. The lyrics seem fun and the singers (Uthra and GV) render it light and zingy. More to be enjoyed with the visuals!

Chella Kutti
Singers: Vijay, Neeti Mohan
Lyrics: Kabilan
‘Chella Kutti’ is also in the news as the movie’s star is doubling up as the singer here. To begin with, the track has some interesting additions – the Carribean styled beats in the background, dub step interlude, usage of Clarinet for instance. Vijay’s voice has been auto-tuned to quite a large extent whereas Neeti Mohan adds one more perfect rendition to her Discography. May not be liked instantly by everyone, but has potential to grow with the visuals!

Singers: Bombay Jayashri
Lyrics: Pulamaipithan
‘Thaimai’ is a short, content driven number that seems to be situational alongside the movie’s narration. In all probabilities, would probably occur in the situation where Vijay doubles up as the mother for the kid as well (emotional scenes). There is a tinge of melancholy in the tune which has been constantly stirred by the flute backgrounds.

Singers: T Rajendar, Sonu Kakkar, GV Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Kabilan
‘Raangu’ is commericalization at its optimum! T Rajendar is surprisingly made to sing little mellowed and Sonu Kakkar makes up the perfect foil for this peppy, foot-tapping number. Although the pattern is old as the hills, the tune is dished out in a certain energetic fashion that would still impress the listeners. And, TR Mahalingam’s ‘Kaayadha Kaanagatha’ at the beginning is a chuckle worthy addition.

Dub Theri Step 
Singers: Arunraja Kamaraj
The top draw of the album! ‘Dub Theri Step’ makes for a rollicking ringtone material with quite an impressive mix of dubstep/rap. The chorus portions are such a fodder for the star vehicle and the track is laced with trumpets & chimes surfacing the dubstep. Watch out for this during the titles & re-recording!

On the whole, ‘Theri’ cooks up a mixture of songs of various varieties. There’s a gaana track, a soulful duet, a melancholic pathos, a fun montage track, an uber cool dance number and a cracking theme music. GV Prakash has tried to stay versatile and has pulled it off. Though ‘Theri’ is not as soundtrack driven as a Thupakki or a Kaththi, it stakes up well in its own zone. Give it some time; the soundtrack might be well set on our ears by the time the movie releases.

Picks from the album: Dub Theri Step, Raangu, En Jeevan, Jithu Jiladi
Album Verdict: Commercial cocktail in store for both Vijay & GV’s fans!
Album Rating: 4/5