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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 2 April 2002

Movie Title



Lokanath, Rajaram

Star Cast

Upendra, Prabhu Deva, Priyanka

By Moviebiz

Upendra has done it again! He has managed to create another controversy regarding his new film H2O. The film, which has been under production for nearly two years deals with the sensitive Cauvery issue. And Upendra had made it in his own unique style though he has used the name of Lokanath and Rajaram as directors. Like all his previous films Upendra has managed to keep the suspense factor alive till the end. Along with the jumping jack Prabhu Deva he has given us another bisi-bela-bath.

H2O makes you believe that the story could be true. Uday (Upendra) is from Honnur village in Karnataka and is a chap who believes in an egalitarian society. Muthu (Prabhu Deva) is from the village Chennur across the river in Tamilnadu, who is US returned and wants to convert his place into a Singapore. Cauvery (Priyanka) is the bone of contention between these two youths who are madly in love with her. Cauvery is born to a Kannadiga-Tamil couple killed in riots. A saint brings her up as she shuttles between the border villages, as she is a Naturopathy doctor. Kirik (Babu Mohan) is a local politician and acts like a ?sutradhar?, out to create tension between the villages. The story takes a long time to reach the climax, as the suspense is who gets Cauvery? The directors have introduced a fresh twist that will make everybody happy.

The locations on the banks of river Cauvery are exotic and camera work of Venu is excellent. The music of Sadhu Kokila is melodious and the picturisation is innovative. Upendra?s story, dialogues and lyrics are meaningful, and he has given a very good performance. Prabhu Deva?s mesmerising dance numbers add to the richness of the film. Priyanka also excels in her role as Cauvery. But the best part of the film is the Tamil conversations, which gives it a realistic touch.

On the whole Upendra and Co. have dished out a decent entertainer with a clear message that politicians are responsible for all troubles in our society.

Verdict: Good

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