Halal Love Story review: A feel good entertainer

Halal Love Story- A feel good entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5/5

Friday 16 October 2020

Movie Title

Halal Love Story review: A feel good entertainer



Star Cast

Indrajith, Grace Antony, Joju George

Sudani from Nigeria director Zakariya is back this time focusing on a group who come together to make a movie.

Some members of an orthodox Muslim organization, who are based in a village, decide to make a movie that is halal, or ‘permissible’ as per their beliefs, on the lines of much loved gems like Iranian director Majid Majidi’s Children of Heaven.

As per the plan, Shereef (Indrajith Sukumaran) and Raheem Sahib (Nazer Karutheni) requests a talented youth named Thoufeeq (Sharafudheen) to give them a script. They discuss the idea in their committee and approaches Siraj (Joju George), who is an experienced associate director. 

After getting permission from the leaders of the organization, they decide to go ahead with the project, which they plan as a TV cinema. To cut down the costs, actors are chosen from their own fold.

Shereef, who has experience doing street plays, is selected to do the lead role under one condition. His real life wife Suhra (Grace Antony) has to play his wife on screen too. She is initially hesitant but agrees to do the part when the leaders of their organization tell her.

The shooting location is Shereef’s and Suhra’s home. Gradually the story moves from this backdrop to certain emotions, bonding and the tensions within families that were remaining undisclosed until then. 

Like in his earlier movie, Zakariya looks deeper into human minds and presents it quite effectively. The story is narrated in a leisurely pace and the characters look real. The visuals and the music really help in making this one engaging.

The performances are impressive, especially from Joju George, Indrajith, Sharafudheen and Nazer Karutheni. But even then the show stealer is Grace Antony, who is terrific as Suhra. Soubin Shahir and Parvathy Thiruvothu have brief roles, but both the actors manage to make a mark even within the limited screen space. 

There is a sweetness with which Halal Love Story has been narrated. Though it would require some patience, this one is a refreshing tale that is enjoyable. 


Verdict: A feel good entertainer












































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