Happy Sardar review:A predictable comedy entertainer

Happy Sardar review:A predictable comedy entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Saturday 30 November 2019

Movie Title

Happy Sardar review:A predictable comedy entertainer


Sudip and Geethika

Star Cast

Kalidas Jayaram, Merin Philip

Sudip and Geethika, who incidentally is a couple in real life, have joined hands to direct the comedy, Happy Sardar.

The story begins showing a Knanaya Christian family where a dad (Sidhique) is hoping that at least his youngest daughter Mary (Merin Philip) will marry a boy from their own community. The elder three daughters have married a Hindu, a Muslim and a Communist respectively. 

Mary promises her dad that she will marry a Knanaya boy but she is studying in Punjab and is having an affair with Happy Singh (Kalidas Jayaram). Happy is the son of a Punjabi (Javed Jaffrey) and a Malayali Christian lady (Praveena).

Now don’t ask why the ‘caste and community’ is specified here. The story, the narrative and even the jokes are mainly dependent on such things in this one.

Happy and Mary comes to Kerala, then Happy’s parents too come there, the families meet and then some drama happen which takes the story ahead.

With colourful visuals, song and dance routines that happen quite often and a rather predictable storyline, this one is meant to be a humorous ride narrated in a conventional pattern. Some of the sub plots, especially involving another sardar family and their feud, is not properly developed. Even then the 152 minutes run time is a bit too long and some trimming would have worked in the movie’s favour.

Kalidas Jayaram looks good and performs his part with confidence. Merin Philip is impressive in her debut movie. Sidhique performs his part well. Sreenath Bhasi, Sharafudheen and Siddhi Mahajankatti have limited space to perform.

Happy Sardar is a loud and colourful ‘Punjabi marries a Malayali’ drama, in the lines of comedies of such genre. 

Happy Sardar review: Average

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