Hat Trick Hodimagaa

Hat Trick Hodimagaa



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Movie Title

Hat Trick Hodimagaa


Sathyaa P

Star Cast

Shivarajakumar, Nicolette Bird, Manju Bhargavi

Senseless and mindless violence are part of the Shivarajakumar film once again. Adding two sentimental scenes and scores of action scenes, cannot make a tolerable film is what Shivarajakumar should understand and make his directors also to realize.

The film which ran into so much of problems with the censor board for keeping the title as ?Hodi Magaa?, which was later changed to ?Hat Trick Hodi Maga?, by action director P.Sathya is a violent sentimental drama. The brother Shivarajakumar drinking the urn of his sister is highly illogical and this is what the censor should have avoided. Shivarajakumar in badly hit condition on his face is forced to receive the urinal of a criminal who is in the police fake uniform. This is rubbish! For the sake of getting remuneration all these things how can an actor like Shivarajakumar sustain? It is time for introspection of his roles is what we could say.

Soorya (Shivarajakumar) is like Sun ? burning in anger. He can demolish any strength that comes before him. He is educated and wants to lead a quiet life. His anger is what irks the two warring factions in the town. Soorya uses his muscles and his punches leave half a dozen crooks on the hospital bed.

The opponent gang of Kapali is now interested in Soorya but Soorya wants a peaceful life. Coming back from the hospital Kapali kills Soorya?s sister and police put him behind the bars. Soorya?s mother is waiting with the urn of her daughter and she wants her son to come and immerse it in the river. At this point of time Soorya gets bail. He is severely irked now because of Kapali gang inhuman attitude to his mother. The protected urn of his sister Soorya takes it to the river to immerse but his affection to the sister makes him drink it!

That give shim more strength! The scores of persons of Kapali gang are killed in anger by Soorya with his mother saying ?Hodi Maga? Hodi Maga? (thrash my son thrash).

What is new for Shivarajakumar his fans will give the answer in the days to come! Like in his previous films, Shivarajakumar has worked sincerely for the role he has accepted. Nicoletee Bird and Manju Bhargavi fail miserably in giving results. Sharat and Achyuth eat away everyone as bad guys. Pavitra Lokesh doing a don Durgi role is misfit. She is not able to fill in required punch. Sadhu Kokila imitating ?Jogi? role is boring.

Two songs are Ok and photography is average. In the summer heat and beating of goons in the cinema halls, it is nothing but an invited torture.

Verdict ? Below average

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