'Hate Story 3' review: What's the point, really?

'Hate Story 3' review: What's the point, really?

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 December 2015

Movie Title

'Hate Story 3' review: What's the point, really?


Vishal Pandya

Star Cast

Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan, Karan Singh Grover

The Hate Story franchise began in 2012, with Paoli Dam in the lead, and followed up with the second one in 2014, with Surveen Chawla.

This one wavers in the sense that, unlike the first two, this one has a Bromance theme with a man doing the revenging.

We meet a businessman Aditya (Sharman Joshi) who is being targetted by a mysterious person. The other guy, another businessman (Karan Grover) offers him an "indecent proposal" which gets our man to call him a "cheap rascal".

The two are at loggerheads and while it's obvious that Aditya is being targetted, we don't know why.

That's the big suspense as far as the film is concerned.

Like most of the Hate Story films, this one too has low intensity suspense and intrigue, the kind that keeps you somewhat involved while munching your popcorn. But never gets you to the edge of your seat. As for the erotica, that's also mechanically portrayed as the cast does the deed with awkwardly and almost dutifully.

While the first half is fairly bearable, since we're waiting for the big suspense to open up, the second half is disappointing.

There are hand-to-hand combats, kooky dialogue, and the suspense turns out to be a damp squib. The less said about the end the better.

So then, this is a film where the female characters are introduced by showing their derriere. Where the song introductions don't make sense. Where there is no logic to the story developments. Where businessmen are shrewd men in sharp suits and politicians are corrupt.

Sharman Joshi is a fine actor, but is terribly miscast. He is simply not convincing in this character of a ruthless businessman who likes dressing sharp. Karan Grover gleefully channels his inner villain. The ladies (Zareen Khan, Daisy Shah) are present for the glamour, and both prove to be great lookers but mediocre actors.

Dialogue has everyone refer to Karan's character as "rascal", a hilariously tame name for someone this lethal. And has Sia (Zareen Khan) say things like, "I am a woman, I can sense it". While an assistant solemly says those dialogue cliches, "Game Shuru Ho Gaya Hai" and "Kaam Ho Gaya Hai".

The only thing 'hat ke' about this movie is that it's not the usual romantic saga, but an out-and-out bromance. One that, sadly, does not manage to portray either love or hate with conviction!

Rating: 1.5 stars

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