Hello Naan Pei Pesren Review : Laughs guaranteed

Hello Naan Pei Pesren: Laughs guaranteed



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 07 April 2016

Movie Title

Hello Naan Pei Pesren Review : Laughs guaranteed



Star Cast

Vaibhav, Aishwarya Rajesh, Oviya, VTV Ganesh, Singam Puli, Yogi Babu

Hello Naan Pei Pesren is an enjoyable horror comedy and at 110 minutes it is a winner. The film’s director Baskar has packaged and presented it in such a way that there are more laughs and basically the film looks like a spoof on Horror genre. 

Amuthan (Vaibhav) is a petty thief, who leads a carefree life. Kavitha (Aishwarya Rajesh), who works as a sales girl in a company often calls Amuthan to help needy children and even get him a job in her company.

Just like any other film, here too Kavitha falls for Amuthan and their life goes happily until the latter steals the mobile of Sridevi (Oviya), who dies in an freak accident.

Now Amuthan continuously gets calls from the stolen mobile and Oviya’s spirit haunts his house. What happens to Amuthan? What exactly does Sridevi want?  The director has answered everything in a comical way and packaged it beautifully with comedians including Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh and Singam Puli, who guarantees laughter in each and every scene they appear.

Although the story is wafer thin, this film might certainly work with masses, who visit theaters only to laugh out loud and forget their worries. The horror scenes are hilarious and leave you underwhelmed with pei's (female ghosts) popping in and out and yelling into people's faces every now and then.

Performance wise, Aishwarya Rajesh doesn’t have big scope and Vaibhav fits the bill, as he scores in the first half. The second half belong to VTV Ganesh and other comedy sidekicks.

Technically, nothing much to boast about the CG, cinematography or sound design as they are strictly functional, even the music department is not effective.

Overall, Hello Naan Pei Pesren is a decent horror comedy with some well written comic one-liners and slapstick comedy.

Hello Naan Pei Pesren: Review Verdict: Laughs guaranteed

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