Hey Jude review: A film with a big heart & an important message

With thick glasses, a chubby looks and peculiar mannerisms, Nivin shines in the title role

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 February 2018

Movie Title

Hey Jude review: A film with a big heart & an important message



Star Cast

Nivin Pauly, Siddique, Trisha, Aju, Vijay Menon

Director Shyamaprasad’s Hey Jude is about a youth, who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, and how his life changes after he meets a feisty girl during his stay in Goa. It is a film with a big heart and an important message told in a subtle manner.

Dominique (Sidhique) runs an antique shop and is a greedy man. His son Jude (Nivin Pauly) suffers from a development disorder known as Asperger’s. Jude is a recluse and has certain behavioral issues, but he is quite a genius when it comes to Mathematics and Science.

While his dad and sister thinks Jude is a sissy, it’s his mother (Neena Kurup), who stands like a pillar supporting her son all along.

The story takes a sudden turn when Dominique’s aunt, who is based in Goa, passes away following an accident. Though he is reluctant to go for the funeral as it involves a lot of money for the travel, he changes mind after realizing that the lady has left her property in Goa in Dominique's name. He goes to Goa, with his wife and Jude.

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In Goa, Jude meets Crystal (Trisha Krishnan), a young girl who is part of a band and also runs a shack on the beach. She and her dad, Sebastian (Vijay Menon) live in a rented outhouse, right next to the bungalow where Jude and his parents are staying. Chrys has bipolar disorder and is also 'not perfect', just like Jude, and they become friends.

Just like most of his earlier films, Shyamaprasad delves deep into the minds of the characters and it is then that we learn about their real nature. The process is indeed interesting and the film has its nice moments, though one gets a feeling that the writing could have been even better, with a delicious premise like this.

The picturesque visuals from Goa have been presented in a beautiful way by cinematographer Girish Gangadharan and music plays an important role here.

It is Crystal who teaches others that Jude has to be accepted as such and it is when others try to change him that things become complicated. It’s never an easy character to play but Nivin Pauly performs his role with total dedication. Nivin, who is known for his lover boy image, is convincing and genuinely impressive. With thick glasses, a chubby looks and peculiar mannerisms, Nivin shines in the title role.

Trisha looks beautiful and makes Crystal look so charming and beleivable. The actor makes her entry into Mollywood with a memorable performance.

Actors like Sidhique, Vijay Menon and Neena Kurup have all come up with excellent performances.

Hey Jude is an emotionally engaging, heart-warming experience. It’s a simple tale, without too many dramatic twists and turns or loud sequences. It’s an engaging movie that will remain in your minds long after the end titles start rolling. Go for it!

Hey Jude review- Verdict: Honest and engaging

Reactions from Social Media:
T MiSfIt @CinemaLover16

Decent 1st half..
Decent comedies , good visuals
Trisha looks fab, fresh role for her...
Nivin is ok..but korachu over..
Siddique shines with timing Comedy
Nivin Pauly character similar to Mohanlal's Alexander the great, Fahad"s North 24 Kandham

Snehasallapam @snehasallapam
#HeyJude First Half
> First half fully filled with comedies
> Thrisha Dubbing sound is good
> Sidque also superb comedies
> some acems memorizing #N24Katham but characterisation was very different
> Nivin dialogue delivery & Emotions are also good (challenging role for Nivin)

Martin N Joseph @mnj993
#HeyJude - Interesting first half with good comedies & nice performances. Nivin plays a character similar to @twitfahadh in #North24Kaatham. Great debut for the super cool @trishtrashers . Siddique's counters are hilarious. Girish Gangadharan's visuals are the main positive.

Kerala Producers @keralaproduce
Feel Good,Breezy Entertainer Made in @Shyamaprasaddir Way,2nd Half Laggs A Bit,Where First Half Entertains
Perfect Debut For @trishtrashers In Malayalam
@NivinOfficial Good Visuals #Sidhiq Superb

KeralaBoxofficeStats @kboxstats
#HeyJude An above average feel good entertainer!
Kudos to @NivinOfficial for stepping out of his comfort zone.
@trishtrashers Her acting is good, but needs to improve her malayalam.
#Shyamaprasad succeeded to an extent in his first commercial outing! 2.75/5

Arun Kumar @aruntrish
#HeyJude - Neat Family Entertainer
Perfect cast with strong Technical team
brilliant performance from Lead pair @NivinOfficial @trishtrashers

Sugar Man @SwoonyLoony
#HeyJude One of those films that without a strong plot manages to come through in a big way..due to the acting..dialogoue.. situations & direction. Trisha as Crystal is so lovable Power on @trishtrashers @NivinOfficial is simply superb
Feel free & Go Watch

Nivin Pauly Fans™ @nivin_fans_knr
#HeyJude a complete Psychological human emotional text book which can be used a reference for family friends & Happiness bonding
Hatsoff to @Shyamaprasaddir sir @nivinofficial @trishtrashers (#Mamta gas given the soul voice ) & Sideeque sir
A must watch feel good movie

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