Hi I?m Tony

Hi I?m Tony



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 28 July 2014

Movie Title

Hi I?m Tony


Lal Jr.

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Miya, Lal, Biju Menon, Lena

In director Lal Jr.?s Hi I?m Tony, a newly wed couple is subjected to a terrible night at a plush apartment in Bangalore. But hold on, the agony that the viewers have to suffer by sitting through this flawed misadventure for around 140 minutes, is perhaps more cruel!

Sameer (Asif Ali) and Tina (Miya George) is all set to spend their first night at a ?model apartment? owned by their builder friend. But things go horribly wrong for them as they come back after shopping. They have a visitor named Tony (Lal), who gives them a night that they will never forget.

With a backdrop that has perhaps become mandatory in most film of this genre, the shots are aimed at thrilling or at times, terrifying the viewer. But after the initial drama, all we do is wait for this farce to reach its climax. But it tests the viewers patience, with violence, blood and fights that go on and on without an end.

Then there are some twists towards the end. The excessive violence can make you feel uncomfortable for sure and at times, the situations intended to make you scared becomes unintentionally funny.

With a script that is unimaginative and lame, Lal Jr. ends up making a half-baked film, that is boring to the hilt. Alby?s visuals and Deepak Dev?s music suits the mood.

Asif Ali looks fine, while Miya sleepwalks through her role. The entire focus is on Lal, who repeats his trademark style, in a violent way.

Hi I?m Tony loses its grip on the viewer right from the initial moments itself and being confined mostly to a set; the film looks more like a play on stage than a feature film. Now, the decision is all yours.

Verdict: Torture

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