Hilary Duff declares she is not secretly married

Source :IANS
Author :IANS
Last Updated: Fri, Nov 8th, 2019, 21:24:11hrs

Los Angeles, Nov 8 (IANS) Contrary to speculation, actress Hilary Duff says she has not exchanged vows with Matthew Koma in a secret ceremony.

The pair made headlines last month when Koma referred to Duff as his "wife" on Instagram. Now, Duff is setting the record straight on her relationship status with Koma.

"No, we are not secretly married, but we are basically married. So you know, sometimes those little things slip out," etonline.com quoted her saying when asked about the speculations.

Duff and Koma got engaged in May, but haven't started wedding planning yet.

"We're really excited and we're torn between, 'Are we just going to go to the chapel and do it?' or 'Are we going to have a little more thought put into it?'. I think our families would kill us (if we eloped). And we want the kids to be involved," she said.

Duff has a lot on her plate, managing four dogs, two kids and two TV shows.

Koma is getting ready to head off on tour, but Duff said her music career has taken a back seat.

"No new music. I don't have time right now, and I always feel like I'm letting a certain small group of people who still care about my music down. Maybe (I'll make music in the future). I never can say no, because it could happen," she added, noting that music could become a part of the upcoming "Lizzie McGuire" revival series for on Disney+.