Hiphop Tamizha Adhi in conversation!

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 15, 2017 15:47 hrs
'Meesaya Murukku'

For people who don’t know, the band ‘Hiphop Tamizha’ was formed by both Adhi and Jeeva. However, the former only appears in the media and film related events while the latter has his own reasons to stay away from the limelight. 

“When Jeeva and I started composing independent songs, we were skeptical about the initial reactions from our middle-class families. We even thought that they would scold and wallop us for doing something, which is completely irrelevant to what we studied. So we created a generic yet catchy name ‘Hiphop Tamizha’”, says Adhi, who is from Coimbatore.

When asked Adhi on why his partner Jeeva doesn't show up at film events, he says “During Aambala audio launch, Vishal compelled Jeeva and his face turned pink that he struggled to speak in front of the huge crowd”.

“Jeeva always tells me that if music assistants and many other people, who are helping us to create music does not like to appear in front of the public, why bother him? Jeeva is someone who is outspoken that once he told Sundar C that the ‘lemon’ comedy in Aranmanai was mokkai. As Sundar sir loves Jeeva, he was able to take it but just imagine what would happen if he shares similar thoughts to the media. In one of the interviews, a reporter asked Jeeva to choose his favorite music composer in Kollywood, he listed out people but told him that he doesn’t feel like choosing one music composer. Guess Jeeva himself knows that his frank talk might create controversies and stayed out of the limelight. But all my directors love Jeeva, they would have long conversations with him, they love his honesty”.

Adhi is currently busy with KV Anand’s Kavan, generally, the director prefers Harris Jayaraj but now, he has selected you guys. How was the experience? “Every second time we work with a director, the experience would be different. Talking about KV Anand sir, he exactly knows what he wants. For Kavan, there is a Bharathiyar song and it was KV sir, who suggested us about ancient instruments in Pondicherry but he never forced his opinion on us. Not just songs, directors like KV Anand and Raja (Thani Oruvan) would describe the complete characterizations and how each shot in the particular song would be shot, which will help composers to deliver their best”, says Adhi. 

When you debuted in Aambala, you were clueless about Pallavi, Charanam, now team Hiphop Tamizha is completely into mainstream music “I think our style of music is our USP. The way we compose dubstep, trans, trap and EDM music only attracted directors like KV Anand and Mohan Raja. At the same time, we have composed traditional Tamil film numbers as well, the oxygen song in Kavan is one such number. If the director gives us enough freedom, we will definitely experiment. For example ‘Theemai Dhaan Vellum’ is a trap music with regular Tamil film music elements and we also consciously detuned the piano portions to give an uneasy eerie feel to stress the evil characterization of Arvind Swamy. Even in Kavan, we composed a music bit based on Doordarshan theme but at last, KV sir felt that it didn’t suit the script flow”.

Adhi says he and his team follow Hollywood style of approach in music productions, we do screenplay mapping techniques for films like Thani Oruvan and Kavan but the same can’t be done for a film like Aranmanai. 

But despite the EDM and new age music, a section of people still feel that digitization killed the soul of music and the lyrics are barely audible “It totally depends on the demand and supply chain, my dad is a huge fan of Ilaiyaraaja and MS Viswanathan but he doesn’t consider AR Rahman as a music composer. I’m a loyal fan of Rahman sir and if someone criticizes him, would feel upset and get angry. Tomorrow, the next generation would say that they are ardent fans of Anirudh or someone like me. Today, our youngsters are exposed to world class music that the gap between west and east music scene vanished. A school going student in Tamil Nadu listens to middle-east music, dubstep, K-pop so we should provide music, which they like”.

Adhi has also introduced many talents from the internet. “I came from the internet so finding such raw talents is quite natural for me but it only makes us more responsible. For example, we introduced a new singer named Kaber Vasuki, who is very talented in producing trippy songs but in order to convince a leading director like KV Anand, I recorded the song before hand and luckily, he liked it”. 

Apart from his busy music composition sessions, Adhi has also finished shooting for his heroic debut ‘Meesaya Murukku’, he has also directed the film. “Thanks to Sundar C sir, he agreed to produce the film. At first, Sundar C said that he can play the lead (laughs) but convinced him saying the script would only suit a youngster and I myself debuted as a hero. We have used eighteen internet talents in the film and Vivek sir is the only known face. Thank God, the film’s theatrical rights have been already sold for 4.2cr”. 

The trailer of Meesaya Murukku hints that the film is your biopic… “When I’m directing a film, it would have elements which happened in my life. Meesaya Murukku is about someone, who chases his dream. When I was little, wanted to join the military, enrolled in a gym, then wanted to become a director and finally decided to become a musician. But many of our middle-class youngsters doesn’t get an opportunity to live their dreams, even before finalizing their goal, they get stuck up in an ordinary job”. 

Interview of Adhi can’t be wrapped without asking his involvement in the Jallikattu protest. “I just sowed the seeds through my music. The thing is as a composer, I’ve conveyed so many topics including honor killing but people will take only things, which they feel necessary. Jallikattu is a people movement and full credits should go to them but I would continue to convey such necessary topics to create awareness in music because only an artist will live beyond his lifetime. When Bharathiyar was alive, people failed to recognize his talent but now we are saying that his songs ignited the freedom movement. I’m not saying Adhi is Bharathiyar but will continue handling social messages in my songs”.

But there were few criticisms when you asked people to end the protest “Just like films, everyone can’t appreciate you. 90% of people will love you and 10% will be your haters. But if we start responding to hatred, remaining 90% will also move way. Knowingly or unknowingly, people like us are into public life now and such criticisms are bound to happen”, signs off Adhi.

-Rajasekar S