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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 14 November 2010

Movie Title



Dr.MM Ramachandran

Star Cast

Vinu Mohan, Kalabhavan Mani, Rajith Menon, Muktha, Priya Lal

With a ridiculous plot that has been presented as a thriller, Dr.MM Ramachandran?s Holidays is an amateurish attempt, to say the least. The script, visuals, music and the performances doesn?t help in making things better either.

A group of youngsters are on a journey from Bangalore, when some unexpected things happen that change their lives forever. Alby (Vinu Mohan) is the leader of the gang and is in love with Janet (Muktha). The others in the group are Soumithran (Rajith Menon), Syam (Beyon), Sudhi (Sudheesh), Veeramani (Anoop Chandran) and Riya (Priya Lal).

They get into a scuffle with some goons who attack a fellow passenger Lekha Paul (Sruthi Lakshmi) and the baddies follow them from then on. Kalabhavan Mani plays the Police Commissioner, who is all set to marry Sudhi?s girl friend, played by Roopasri.

The main problem here is that it is perhaps difficult to explain how silly the storyline is! A song pops out every other moment, which is almost always a dream sequence. The story takes new turns every now and then giving the feeling that it could have been developed mainly at the shooting locations.

Well known entrepreneur and the producer of such classics as ?Vysali?, Ramachandran doesn?t quite leave any impression with his maiden directorial venture. Mohan Thomas? script lacks any merit. Utpal V Nayanar?s camera and Alex Paul?s tunes are pretty ordinary, at best.

The actors have hit new lows, considering the performances. Vinu Mohan?s sports a wig and it looks funny. Rajith Menon and Beyon come up with horrible performances especially when the focus is on them. All the youngsters seem to have taken things a bit too casually maybe because their roles have been poorly written. But then they have to choose a film after gauging the merits of the script, right?

Harisree Asokan and Anoop Chandran try to make the viewers laugh with their usual tricks, but fails completely. Kalabhavan Mani has nothing much to do in the whole film and underlines once again on why he faded out after showing great promise even as a hero.

Holidays has been projected as a thrilling ride but it turns out to be a rather forgettable journey in the end. The only notable thing here is that this film shows the reason why the youngsters in Malayalam films are not a marking of their own yet. Want to watch this one? At your risk please.

Verdict: Below Average

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