Hollywood actor Bill Duke shows interest to work with Atlee!

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 12, 2019 17:50 hrs

Hollywood actor Bill Duke of Predator and Commando fame has expressed his wish to work with director Atlee. "Greeting from Hollywood...Why is it you think, that it is so complex for our countries to produce films together? #TBD", tweeted Bill Duke.

Replying to the Hollywood actor, Atlee said "It is just a mere notion that it is difficult. Different people coming together for the love of cinema only makes it easy & more enjoyable. Honored and humbled to have been addressed by you. This is how big dreams begin. Love & respect to you!".

Later, Bill Duke invited Atlee for lunch in Hollywood. "Thank you for your kind words...Kindly DM your email address so my team@WE2Incubators
& I can send info on project...When in #Hollywood stop by for lunch #tbd", tweeted the actor.