Homely Meals

Homely Meals



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 05 October 2014

Movie Title

Homely Meals


Anoop Kannan

Star Cast

Vipin Atley, Manoj K Jayan, Srinda Ashab

Director Anoop Kannan, who has earlier made the ill-fated ?Jawan of Vellimala?, is back with ?Homely Meals? that has a newcomer playing the lead.

Atlee (Vipin Atley) is not much educated, is struggling but wants to make it big in life. His concept for a comedy programme in a TV channel is stolen by his friend Sajith (Kailash) and the show becomes a huge hit. But when he can?t make a second episode, Atlee is called by the CEO of the channel, a priest played by Nedumudi Venu, to continue with the show.

Amidst all the troubles created by the head of programmes, Sarat Chandran (Manoj K Jayan), Atlee manages to shoot the next episode, with the help of a local gangster and his cronies.

All that the viewer would learn as one sits through this never ending torture, which goes on for almost 160 minutes, is that the makers were perhaps trying to expose some of their rivals in real life.

Like, there are visuals that take digs at the dancing and acting skills of some of the prominent actors in Malayalam industry and characters that are strikingly similar to some TV channel honchos!

It?s fine to create caricatures but the question here is the intention of the makers of this film. With a flimsy plot that is worth only a discussion during a tea break, this misadventure takes away some precious time away from your life and leaves you with a migraine.

Vipin Atley, the writer and the lead actor, has messed up with the script and also in front of the camera. The melodramatic situations are unintentionally funny and the jokes are stale.

No two ways about it, ?Homely Meal?s is a wasted opportunity. It?s brave to go ahead with a film that has a new face in the lead, but that is not an excuse to make a pathetic film. Watch this one at your own risk please!

Verdict: Below Average

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