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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 10 June 2007

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Ganesh, Rekha, Avinash, Komal, Shobaraj

Hudugaata in Kannada means childish. But this film is not childish but stylish. 'Mungaru Male' fame Comedy Time Ganesh and Rekha shines in this love story. After Ekadantha, now Hudugaata too is heavily inspired from It Happened One Night and Dil Hai Ki Mantha Nahin. The redeeming features of this film are less characters, excellent cinematography and editing. On the downside there are few unwanted scenes which come as speed breakers.

Balu Mahender (Ganesh) is a reporter of 'Satyavani Newspaper'. He is behind exclusive reports. Each time he catches hold of scoop report he is pooh-poohed by his editor. Not able to control the naughty attitude of Balu Mahender his editor asks him to cover a sports assignment in Kanyakumari. In a bus, Balu meets a girl under suspicious situation wearing a burkha. The investigative mentality of Balu finds that the girl sitting next to him is Priya daughter of a software business magnet. Priya had run away from home to meet her lover Rahul, a badminton champion in Kanyakumari.

On the way to Kanyakumari, both Balu and Priya miss the bus and during their travel together they come close. Balu decides to call up Priya's father for her safety. Upset with her daughter's moves Priya's father arrange for the marriage with Rahul. But he wants a simple guy to marry his daughter because Rahul is a big flirt. And at the marriage hall an unexpected twist happens.

Comedy Time Ganesh shines once again. He has the hold right and his screen presence is impressive. Rekha is another bubbly girl who does not disappoint. Avinash and Komal has given striking performance. Jassie Gift has lifted the two tunes from his Malayalam film and used it in Kannada. Yet three of his songs are foot tapping. Satya Hegde gets the major share for showcasing the film with wonderful lighting, color and exterior locations. New guy Prakash in the editing has used new technique that is very attractive.

Verdict ? Above average

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