Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 06, 2006 14:20 hrs

After a gap of 3 years since 'Andaaz', Raj Kanwar returns with yet another musical, 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye' that again stars Akshay Kumar along with Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu and the 'Maine Pyaar Kiya' jodi of Salman Khan and Bhagyashree in special appearance. A T-Series film that is also co-produced by Raj Kanwar, HDKG has the songs department handled by Anu Malik and Sameer. With an A-star cast like this and a good musical record of Kanwar's films in the past, most notably being 'Andaaz' where which music played an integral part, expectations are pretty good from HDKG as well.

Title song 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye' comes in the very beginning and stays on till the very end of the album with as many as four versions of the song making an appearance. A 'shuddh hindustani' running around the trees number, the song may sound conventional for a first few times but eventually you just can't help but feel good about the pure melody. Watch out for the flute that plays an integral part of this 90s style love song. Amongst the singers, no doubt Sonu Nigam is good in but what impresses most is his co-singer Tulsi Kumar who sings like a pro in just her second song for a Bollywood film (after 'Mohabbat Ki' in 'Aksar'). She recreates the nostalgia of the 'Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka' and 'Aaye Milan Ki Raat' days of T-Series when Anuradha Paudwal rules as she sings in exactly the same style as her senior. Icing on the cake is to see glamorous Katrina Kaid getting completely adjusted to the Bollywood scheme of things while lip-synching to this one!

Sonu Nigam is at his trademark trembling best in the sad version of the title song that moves at a snail's pace and should be a part of the background score during a poignant moment. The number ends in typical Raj Kanwar mode with heavy duty drum beats while the signature tune of 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye' is played at a furious pace. A shorter version of the song too comes next that has lyrics 'Humko Begaana Kar Gaye' while the final version of this song is again a sad version, this time by Tulsi Kumar.

After all the melody, mush and romance that came along with the title song comes a pacy track 'Fanaah' that is catchy from the word Go. After a dance floor 'Fanaah' in 'Yuva', this one is more of an outdoors track that has been shot at exquisite and rugged locations. Sung by vastly talented Kay Kay who has been getting some of the best songs to be sung these days (while been delivering all the time), 'Fanaah' is a good item placement in the movie that gives it a rich feel. A love song with an attitude to match, it has both Akshay and Katrina looking hot with Anu Malik himself coming behind the mike to give some background vocals, hence making 'Fanaah' a non-stop racy number. DJ Akbar Sami is roped in to do his own thing while remixing this already high-on-pace song. No wonder, looking at the feel of this foot tapping version, one can expect a music video for it soon! Enjoy it for a few weeks to come!

Sonu Nigam returns the scene once again with 'Bhula Denge Tumko Sanam', a Raj Kanwar version of 'Tanhaai' [Dil Chahta Hai]. With the theme of this 'dard-e-judaai' number centered on 'I will forget you and your love even with a broken heart', it should appear towards the movie's pre-climax with all good things reserved for a happy ending in the climax! A well orchestrated number, it follows the 90s style to the hilt but doesn't really make one flip over it. It can be heard while its on inspite of a predictable feel due to an A-team of singer, lyricist, musician and actors involved in the song. Even for this sad track, there is a remix version thrown in that moves at a supersonic pace. Lyrics remain the same but Sonu's rendition and musical arrangement by Jatin Sharma changes its feel upside down. One wonders if this version would be able to make its place in the movie as the original version seems more apt for the moment.

Sonu Nigam continues to hog the limelight for yet another number, 'For Your Eyes Only', that appears as an item number by looking at the song's title. The song has all the sounds coming together, be it rap'n'reggae, lounge or 'bhangra beats' and is a sure hit all the way. Looking at Akshay Kumar's on-screen image with number of such 'masti-se-bharpoor' songs in the past, especially 'Garam Masala' and 'Deewane Huye Paagal', one can easily imagine a lavish choreography for this rhythmic track that has Krishna and Nandini for company. This is one track where one keenly awaits the remix version due to its dance floor feel and Jatin Sharma doesn’t disappoint at all with his musical arrangements. Go for it!

After a long gap some other singer gets a chance to come behind the mike and the first one to do so is Abhijeet who croons 'Rock Star'. A 'beat one-beat two' song that has been designed for the purpose of adding a song'n'dance routine in the film, this rhythmic number with a dose of jazz and 'bhangra beats' and Sunidhi Chauhan and Anu Malik as accompanying singers should make for an eye pleasing number. Overall the number is yet another foot tapping song for which its picturisation should be a good enough for people not to ignore it while it plays on screen.

Alka Yagnik arrives on the scene for the first and the last time in 'Dekhte Dehte' that has exactly the same beginning as the title song of Kanwar's own 'Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega'. A heavy duty orchestra in the beginning makes way for a romantic number to follow that has Abhijeet joining Alka for the duet. After all the dance and rock, this one again takes you back to the 90s and follows the path that hundreds of songs coming from Bollywood have followed before. Surprisingly, this is not a number that really makes one sit back and listen and acts as a mere gap filler in the album.

Krishna begins 'Mere Saath Chalte Chalte', a fusion 'qawalli' sung by Krishna, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan. A good rhythmic number, it has Sunidhi Chauhan completely dominating the scene with her modulated rendition that belongs to the style of the 50s. Yet another popular hit in the making, it has Anu Malik coming up with a bubble gum tune that should be liked by the youngsters.

'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye' has a good variety of songs and the unleashing of its item numbers (in abundance) in succession over the next couple of months before the movie releases should only keep everyone associated with it happy. Enjoyable!