'Hunterrr' review: Sexist fairytale of a creep!

'Hunterrr' review: Sexist fairytale of a creep!

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Friday 20 March 2015

Movie Title



Harshavardhan Kulkarni

Star Cast

Radhika Apte, Gulshan Devaiah, Veera Saxena

Bollywood is progressing. From heroes who stalked women into submission, we now have full-on creeps as central protagonists!

Our hero Mandar Ponkshe (Gulshan Devaiah) doesn't just try seducing every woman he fancies. He's also a conman appearing to be a simpleton, lying, and tricking women into bed. In short, he's a creep.

This is also a hero who, while choosing an ice-cream flavour, categorizes women as 'Party Pack' and 'Family Pack'. Choose your side ladies, 'cause you're losing anyway. See, if you're the 'Party Pack' you're a sex object with just one purpose. And if you're the 'Family Pack' you're to marry a creep, who thinks you are asexual!

We flashback to our hero as an adolescent, where he'd molest women as they were buying vegetables. The film thinks it's adorable how our hero and friends harass women. Adolescent Mandar's strategy was "pataoing" the "second-best" girl in the group - Best se mile, yaan second-best se, kya farak padta hai?

Now this is a fantasy movie that'll delight some viewers. And there is ample proof that this movie is far removed from reality.

For one, Mandar is always scoring with women CLEARLY out of his league. And whether he's jumping in a moving auto to befriend a girl or following a woman to another city, they are never offended!

The most outrageous is the airport scene, where he chats up a woman, casually suggesting a hotel where she can check-in. Sometime later, he's bringing her luggage in the room and asking for coffee, while staring at her leerily. She lounges on the bed to order room service, completely unaware of his intentions. That's normal, right? Except, I don't know anyone who'd invite a weird stranger into their hotel room, unless they too were interested.

This brings us to the female characters who are mostly painfully dumb. It adds to the fantasy element, plus is a convenient tool to take the story forward. Our charmless and average-looking Mandar, with a dull personality, and no professional or personal achievements, just has to stare creepily at the women, before they melt into a bunch of giggles. It's that easy.

And the ultimate success happens when he wins a girl right from under the nose of a goateed, tattooed, "cool" guy who appears to be a better match for her. This, after the girl knows he's a sex-addict. Ha!

The film is seriously twisted in the way Mandar behaves when he falls for his fiancee Trupti (Radhika Apte). With her, he is COMPLETELY asexual. Forget seducing, he doesn't even hold her hand. Means what? Women who belong to the 'Party Pack' category are there for the sex, and those in the 'Family Pack' are to be treated asexually? Excuse me, while I barf.

Trupti seems sorted, has a sense of humour, and currently reading Persepolis, a book whose title would be too challenging for Mandar. Why she'd be interested in him is a mystery. The film constantly shows HER being apologetic to Mandar for her past, even as she believes all of Mandar's lies. So basically, she's as dim as the rest of his conquests.

The film has some fab acting by the lead cast and a couple of funny moments. The retro feel and interesting music keep the film from being a total washout. The time from 1989 to present day is shown in a non-linear format taking us back and forth timelines, in the indulgent way first-time directors often like to tell their stories.

Debut director Harshavardhan Kulkarni (writer of Hasee Toh Phasee) could have made the oversexed Mandar and his story super-fun, if both the men and women characters were as real as the middle-class milieu in the film.

Ladies, if you like being called 'Party Pack' and 'Family Pack' and have the same IQ as the female characters of this film, you too might dissolve into giggles and enjoy the cheeky humiliation. For those men who think being creepy is cute, this is your fairytale. For all the sane people, call your DVD guy to rent out a genuine sex comedy instead!

Rating: 1.5 stars