Hyper review: A typical masala entertainer

Hyper review: A typical masala entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 30 September 2016

Movie Title

Hyper review: A typical masala entertainer


Santosh Srinivas

Star Cast

Ram, Rashi Khanna, Sathya Raj

A hyper active guy Surya (Ram) has more love towards his father than his mother. His father is his hero. His father Narayana Murthy (Sathya Raj) is an honest officer in Vishakapatnam's municipal corporation and he doesn't give permission to a property belonging to minister Rajappa (Rao Ramesh) that leads to friction between them.

Rajappa uses all kinds of methods to make Narayana Murthy comply but in vain. The politician hires a local don Gaja (Murali Sharma) to use physical violence on Murthy. The don is Surya’s friend. When Surya comes to know that his friend Gaja is going to harm his father due to this politician, he takes on the Rajappa.

First half of Hyper entertains well. The director establishes the character of Ram, someone who loves his father to the extreme in a rather funny way. When Ram's father Sathya Raj says that the beautiful Rashi Khanna would bring lakshmi to her in-laws' house and whoever marries her would be lucky, Ram sees her walking past him. He doesn't see her face but only her back. Still he starts loving her because his father liked her that she would make an ideal daughter-in-law. These scenes are entertaining. The interaction between Rashi Khanna and Ram are similar to that of Allu Arjun and Ileana’s episodes in Julayi but are entertaining nevertheless.

The film thus moves forward in a funny way till the interval. It is the later portions of the movie that falter. Although the emotional conflict between father and son (Sathya Raj and Ram) Raj is established interesting way, the subsequent sequences lack strength. The final scenes are straight out of Racegurram minus Brahmanandam.

While the film has routine scenes in the second half, it also has entertainment and some nice episodes that make an okay mass drama.

Ram plays the role of a youngster who can do anything for his father. His does more antics for the fans than performing. He does well in the character. Rashi Khanna looks beautiful; she has done justice to her character. Sathya Raj is dignified in his role; his performance is very effective in the confrontational scene with Rao Ramesh. Rao Ramesh as a wily politician steals the show once again. He has played the main villain’s role in a superb manner. Murali Sharma is okay. Shayaji Shinde in his brief role is good.

Abburi Ravi's pen showcases its worth in some scenes. The father-son sentiment scenes have come out well thanks to the dialogues and also the dialogues in other episodes which are quite good. Of Ghibran's songs "Naalo Nenene..Naato Nennunna" is a good melody. "Ompula Daniya" and “Baby Doll” are okay numbers that are aimed for mass audiences. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is an asset to the movie as it gives rich look. Production values are top class.

Cinematographer turned director Santosh Srinivas who debuted with Ram starrer Kandireega once again proves that he has grip on mass moments. His direction despite cliched script is okayish.

Hyper as the title suggests is a hyper-mass movie with dose of masala entertaining scenes, glamour, and sentiment scenes. If only the second half were as entertaining as the first one, it would have been better. On the whole, it is a typical masala entertainer.

Hyper review: 3 stars

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