“I got cancer… cancer didn’t get me,” Mamta Mohandas

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Last Updated: Tue, Feb 5th, 2019, 16:52:47hrs
“I got cancer… cancer didn’t get me,” Mamta Mohandas
Actor Mamta Mohandas has shared pictures of her fight against cancer and her note has found great appreciation from all. The actress, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, has fought against it and ten years later, she is busy facing the camera.

She will be seen in this week’s Nine, as Prithviraj’s heroine, and in Kodathisamaksham Balan Vakeel, with Dileep, slated for release on Feb 21.

Sharing her pictures, Mamta says, “2009 was the year that changed everything for me and impacted every plan my family had for us. Last 10 years has been quite a challenge and as I look back come 2019, I’m proud to realize that I have fought tirelessly, stayed strong and survived. Staying positive and strong for several years is very hard but if I have done it, there are a few people behind it. All Thanks to Dad-Mom(thank you is a speck of a word to express my gratitude to you), a few of my cousins who have shown me what sibling-love is and my dearest friends who always cared to call or text to check if I am ‘actually well’ and not just pretending to be ok, all the good work that comes my way and colleagues who challenge me to perform better and to all the opportunities given to me by the universe to realize what’s right for me and what’s not. Never forget Bald HeadsTurn Heads”