I’m on the streets because of STR : Michael Rayappan

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 01, 2017 09:27 hrs

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan's producer Michael Rayappan met the media on Thursday and delivered an emotional speech saying that STR’s unprofessional attitude incurred massive loss to him. “I’m on the streets now because of STR”, he said.

“I’ve produced twelve films in the last nine years. There were failures but I always had a satisfaction of helping out so many workers in the industry. My last film Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan pushed me into a horrible situation”, said Rayappan.

“STR had suggested Adhik Ravichandran's name to me and he was aware of the fact that he should play three different roles. He also knew that the locations for the script are Dindigul, Dubai, Chennai, and Kasi.

Michael Rayappan said that heroines like Trisha and Lakshmi Menon were not interested in being paired opposite STR. When they finally locked Shriya and started the shoot in Dindigul, STR was reluctant saying there were no star hotels.

The producer also said that STR was unhappy with Shriya for unknown reasons and asked the team to replace her with some other heroine. But as the director completed 90% of Shriya’s portions, they decided to sacrifice a song situation.

STR was also not happy with the team’s plans to shoot in Dubai, he insisted London and finally agreed to Thailand. Rayappan says STR’s assistants had a great time in Thailand with his money but the actor didn’t turn up for the shoot. When Rayappan asked STR, he told him that the film has come out well and he would continue shooting for the film only if the producer agrees to release it in two parts!!

Despite repeated attempts, STR was not in a mood to listen to anyone. Rayappan says STR refused to come for dubbing. “He dubbed from his bathroom but Rajakrishnan of Four Frames later said that the quality was very bad. We bought a sound enhancing software for RS 75,000 to match up and finally send the film to censors”, said Rayappan.

Because of STR’s attitude, Rayappan and director Adhik couldn’t deliver the film properly, which caused a huge financial loss. The team planned to complete the film in 76 days but STR attended only 38 days.

Rayappan says that no producer should undergo such a horrible situation like him.