Swamy Ra Ra

Swamy Ra Ra fails to fly high

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 25 March 2013

Movie Title

Swamy Ra Ra


Sudheer Varma

Star Cast

Nikhil, Colors Swathi, Ravi Babu, Pooja Ramachandran, Jeeva, Jogi Brothers, Bhanu Avirneni and others

Surya (Nikhil) and his two other friends are professional thieves. An incident gets Surya acquainted with Swathi (Swathi), a journalist cum tuition teacher.

Soon they hit off well and love ensues. Meanwhile, a stolen idol from Ananta Padmanabha Swamy temple from Kerala lands in the hands of a gangster aide. The aide tries to sell it off but the gangster knows this and sends his men to bring him. On a run, the gangster aide puts the idol in Swathi`s bag. Now, the gangster and others chase Swathi for the idol.

Debutant director Sudheera Varma`s Swamy Ra Ra is a crime caper. Starts off on a very promising note, and slow but focused storytelling glues us to the seats till half of the movie.

The director begins the movie on an intriguing manner and by declaring that he isn`t shy of copying from well-made films at the very beginning of the credits makes us excuse him that the movie is more or less going like Ram Gopal Varma`s Kshana Kshanam and Quentin Taranntio`s early movies.

Stylized taking, good cinematography, and impeccably fresh sound of music in the first half are treat to watch. Happily relishing them, when we are settled to enjoy more, the movie slips from the hands of the director.

Second half of the movie goes helter-skelter. And by the climax, a take-off of Ram Gopal Varma`s Anaganaga Oka Roju, the movie completely fizzles out. Yet, one can`t stop appreciating the effort of the new director, for he has exhibited his talent in plenty of scenes. Sequences like Nikhil and his gang meeting Jeeva in rain and a chase in a hotel room are testimony of innovative taking style of the director.

Story has nothing new to offer but the director`s screenplay reels with freshness. This novel approach is what makes the movie appreciable despite the movie losing its grip post interval. And the casting is perfect too.

Nikhil suits the role of affable thief. He gets it right this time. Colors Swathi looks beautiful but her character is poorly written. She`s a journalist but we hardly see her doing any journalistic work, other than the typical heroine role, roaming with hero. And this journalist does tuition for living too.

Pooja Ram Chandran is perfect. Jeeva is quite good. Bhanu Avirineni, Chanti and Jogi Brothers make their presence felt.

The film is technically sound although the picture quality (shot on digital cameras) is not perfect. Richard Prasad`s camera is pleasant. Some of his shots are beautiful. Music is the main asset to the movie.

Sunny M R`s songs are fresh and catchy. His background score is also perfect. Editor should have quickened the pace of the movie. At just 125 minutes of runtime, the film seems lengthy and hardly moves further in many scenes.

Director Sudheer Varma who has written the story and dialogues is a promising talent. His mark is visible. If not for losing the grip on second half and using Angangaga Oka Roju`s climax in such a lengthy and ineffective manner,definitly this film would have got much praise.

Swamy Ra Ra has many positives to talk about: stylized narration, some interesting sequences and the superb music. But one can`t reserve same praise for the later portions of the movie. Thus Swamy Ra Ra fails to fly high after initial promise. Yet, watch it for its new take of old Ram Gopal Varma and Quentin Tarantino movies.

Rating: 3/5

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