I want to go step by step: Dulquer Salmaan

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 03, 2012 04:34 hrs

Dulquer Salmaan son of mega star Mammootty is making his entry into films with Second Show releasing this Friday (Feb 3).

His clean-cut good looks coupled with a good physique and urban charm is sure to make him a favourite with the ladies. He has also signed his second film Ustad Hotel  that has already sparked off a buzz in M-town.

Here’s a chance to know the real Dulquer Salmaan, nothing of a typical debutant that you might encounter.... Dulquer spoke to Sridevi Sreedhar

Being son of Mammootty, you preferred to have an unconventional entry with a bunch of newcomers. Why?
(Smiles) I have to confess that it was my conscious decision to have a soft entry. I believe that when an actor debuts, he has to earn the right to be a hero and not get it through a shortcut route. Someone like my dad has earned it right? I had an option of signing with some well-known names many films and being busy for the next two years. But I want to go step by step I’ve to play my game like a test match and not T 20.

When did you decide to enter films, as we’ve heard that after your higher studies in US you had planned to settle down in a cushioned job?
Yeah.. I never wanted to come into films. But somewhere down the lane my life became monotonous and routine and I decided to give acting a try and here I am.

I came down, took to acting classes and waited for that dream script to happen. That’s when I met up with Srinath Rajendran and this young team and decided to go ahead with Second show. To put it more frankly, I didn’t want to regret a few years from now that I didn’t take the risk at the right age. And if all goes well, and I find my space here, I will be happy.  Currently, I am shooting for Anwar Rasheed’s Ustad Hotel.

But there were rumours that director Lingusamy was to launch you?
(Laughs) I haven’t met him and they were mere rumours.

What is second show all about?
I can’t tell you what genre the movie can be placed. It’s gritty, realistic, funky and entertaining film with thrills and some cool songs by Nikhil and Avial band, with a playing time of just two hours. I play Harilal and friends call me Lalu. It’s my journey from the age of 19 to 30. Almost 99 percent of the cast and crew are debutants with Baburaj, Rohini and Kunjan being the people you will perhaps know.

Did you dub in your own voice?
Everybody says that I have my dad’s voice and I think, I’m lucky that way. Even when we were kids, dad was particular about speaking to me and my sister in Malayalam and that too with proper pronunciation. So even though, I did my schooling in Chennai, they say my Malayalam is good and I did the dubbing myself.

The publicity and promotions of Second Show does not focus you?
I am very happy that you noticed it as our intentions were very clear from the beginning that the focus is on all the characters and not just me.

Why did you get married so early before your launch into films?
All the men in our family get married early and my mother was looking out for a suitable girl. She found Amaal Nizam an architect and I liked her (smiles).

Did you get time to go for your honeymoon?
We took off for almost two weeks to South Africa ad Maldives before I started my second film.

What do you think about Malayalee audiences who are very reluctant to adapt to changes?
Malayalee audiences are intelligent and you can’t con them by giving half baked, stuff. We need good writers to come up with new ideas and more directors willing to try out unusual scripts. Like I said earlier, I want to go slow and do good films.