Aasal review

Aasal review


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 05 February 2010

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Aasal review



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Ajithkumar, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana, Prabhu, Sampath

Ajith?s Aasal like the proverbial curates egg is good in parts. First and foremost at 2 hours and 5 minutes, it is racy. The combined effort of the story writer Yuhi Sethu, director Saran and co-director cum hero Ajith is to make a stylish film shot entirely in Paris with songs shot in Chennai sets. The makers have given it a rich glossy look with exotic locations and costumes, enhanced by Prasanth D Misale?s eye catching camera.

Aasal should have been called Billa-2, as whatever Ajith did in the Vishnuvardhan film is replicated with more style and ?lan here. The spotlight is totally on Ajith, including his cameo appearance as hero?s father (the makeup very similar to one of the characters he did in Godfather). Despite all the energy, the film falls flat due to lack of proper story and narration.

The wafer thin story line- Jeevanandam (Ajith) is an international wheeler dealer, negotiator and arms dealer based in Paris. He has two sons- Sam (Sampat) and Vicky (Rajiv) from his first wife and Shiva (Ajith) from his second wife. Jeevanandan?s favourite is Shiva who is gutsy and righteous while the other two are immature and controlled by their uncle the evil Kali Mamma ( Pradeep Rawat) and will do any shady deals.

Sarah (Sameera Reddy) is the Cultural Attach? at the Indian Embassy in Paris who has a soft corner for Shiva. Then there is a French Police officer Daniel (Suresh) who constantly hangs around with the family and is a partner in crime.

The bad sons want to deal in drugs and supplying arms to terrorist and work out a strategy to eliminate Shetty (Keli Dorji) who controls the Mumbai underworld, but the old man and Shiva opposes it. After the old man death, Vicky is kidnapped by Shetty and gang who brutally torture him.

To save Vicky, Shiva goes to Mumbai and his local contact there is Mirasi (Prabhu), his dad?s best friend. A local girl Sulaba (Bhavana) falls for our hero who daringly using the joker Don Samosa (Yuhi Sethu) rescues Vicky. But the brothers double cross Shiva and dump him in a river. How our super hero takes vengeance against those who betrayed him forms the rest of the story.

Don?t look for logic or reason, as the makers of the film has promised you only a stylish entertainer with the larger-than-life hero presented in a different style. All the characters toss around the word ?Thalai? constantly to eulogize the hero.

Sadly the film fails to establish a genuine emotional connection to the characters and without that depth, you really couldn?t care less about whose blood is getting spilled. If you keep your expectation meter low, then it is a good ride.

The music of Bhardwaj is just ok. En Thathai..., has good lyrics while in Tottodaing? the beats stand out. The sets by M.Prabhakaran look authentic. Antony the editor has done an excellent job and made it fast paced. Kanal Kannan and the foreign stunt masters have choreographed some really marvellous fight scenes.

Both the girls Sameera and Bhavana are splendid and provide the necessary glam quotient. Yuhi Sethu and his gang fail to evoke any laughter. Among the villains Kelly Dorji is fantastic and looks suave and evil, while Sampath, Suresh, Rajiv, Pradeep Rawat have all done their jobs well and effectively. Prabhu is candid and refreshing in a cameo appearance.

But the film belongs to Ajith. He is icy cool and plays the role of Shiva with a subtly simmering charm and does the action scenes with conviction. If you are fan of Ajith Kumar, he has that charismatic alluring appeal which lifts the film considerably.

Verdict: Average Fare

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