Accident on Hill Road

Accident on Hill Road

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 04 January 2010

Movie Title

Accident on Hill Road


Mahesh Nair

Star Cast

Celina Jaitly, Farooque Shaikh, Abhimanyu Singh

This drunk driver had it coming. You?re hardly moved when Sonam (Celina Jaitely) shivers on seeing the man who just crashed into her car?s windscreen. He?s in a peculiar situation - a blood-splattered face inside and his backside sticking out outside, he makes for a tragic-comic picture.

Not knowing what to do, she just drives with the man stuck in the car into a police station to confess her crime. Once there, she gets cold feet and asks the cop for the nearest petrol station and drives out just like that. The cops suspect nothing, even though she looks a wreck.

Next, she drives to her deserted bungalow and parks the car in the garage. Her drug dealer, murderer boyfriend (Abhimanyu Singh) feeds her a drug and they make love. On waking up the next morning, she realises that the victim in the car is still alive. Instead of getting the man to the hospital, she goes to her workplace enquiring about her visa, and knocks the half-alive man out cold. She calls on her boyfriend and, fearing arrest, they plan to kill the man, thinking that no one else has seen him.

What follows is a series of faux alarms: a curious pooch, nosey neighbour, a child who sees too much and so on - regular B- movie stuff. The ending is a mess with too many twists compressed into too little time, and none riveting.

There?s an interesting comment on the state of hospitals earlier, as Celina dials a number desperately only to be met with a machine-operated system that takes forever to reach a human voice. Another nice, humorous touch is the boyfriend taking out his gun from the microwave and replacing it with a pizza slice for his worried girlfriend.

To be fair, Celina Jaitely, till now only seen in hot pants in ensemble movies about philandering husbands, puts in a surprisingly effective performance. Abhimanyu Singh, who was so impressive in Gulaal is perfect for the role, though he does need to work on his English dialogue delivery. Farooque Sheikh playing the accident victim deserves better.

Writer-director Mahesh Nair remakes the 2007 Hollywood film Stuck, but his storytelling tone is inconsistent, flitting from sombre suspense to an unintentional Tales from the Crypt style humour. Accident on Hill Road could have been immersing for its disturbing turn of events and the characters? casual lack of morals, but turns out just another below-par thriller.

Rating: 1.5 stars

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