Action Replayy review: Missing all the key ingredients for a hit!

Action Replayy review: Missing all the key ingredients for a hit!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 07 November 2010

Movie Title

Action Replayy review: Missing all the key ingredients for a hit!


Vipul Shah

Star Cast

Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Aditya Roy Kapur, Neha Dhupia, Om Puri, Kirron Kher

The film reminds one of the horrific Love Story 2050 that also ambitiously based its story around the sci-fi, time travel theme.

We?ve all seen and loved Robert Zemeckis?s Back to the Future (1985). This one is but a tasteless rehash.

Bunty (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is in a relationship crisis with his marriage-obsessed girlfriend. She goes whining to her grandpa, who?s a scientist (Randhir Kapoor in a scattered nest wig) working on a time machine.

The tacky-looking device, surrounded by Diwali lights, can transport one back and forth in time. Bunty is fascinated.

His parents Kishen (Akshay Kumar) and Mala?s (Aishwarya Rai, looking the same as in her ?young? avatar) are constantly bickering, even on their 35th wedding anniversary. She complains that he is never there for her, claiming that is the reason behind her shopping addiction.

He can?t understand why she realises that only after spending crores of his money on shopping!

Bunty is upset at his parents? incompatibility. He realises this was because they were neighbours and sworn enemies to begin with. Why then did their parents, who so hated each other, decide to marry off their kids.

Bunty feels that going back in time and making his mom and dad fall in love might help their marriage. So off he runs to the time machine, presses a button, and lands in Bombay of the ?70s with bell-bottoms, polka dots, and traffic-free roads.

At least, that?s what the film would like us to believe of that era.

Bunty is surprised to see his father (Akshay Kumar with buck-teeth) getting bullied by everyone - from his overbearing father (Om Puri) to the hottie next door (Aishwarya Rai). Teased as Kitchen Kumar for his time spent in the kitchen and running a restaurant, Kishen is forlorn and dejected.

Bunty pops in to give his dad a lesson or two on taming Mala. He finally learns to dress and say ?aawaz neeche? to everyone.

In a flash, firebrand Mala turns into kulfi. He plays hard to get, she weeps - this extended drama is orchestrated by their son, of course.

The plot detail of the mother accidentally forming romantic feelings for the son in Back to the Future, is gently extinguished. ?He?s like my brother,? claims Mala about her new friend Bunty.

So that?s that then; we all know how it?s going to end. But not before two hours of boredom, unnecessary songs, and attempts at comedy. The retro look and feel is fun, but overdone in our films now.

The film has a sexist tone throughout - beginning with constant advice given to Mala to behave like a ?nazuk bharatiya nari?; to young Akshay Kumar vowing to bring his son up smart (didn?t know you could guess the gender of your child even before marriage).

Dialogue is bizarre with a constant reference to Lokhandwala Complex as if the film were meant for only a Mumbai suburban audience. Another one has Mala?s mother (in the retro era) exclaim over her daughter?s bad cooking by saying, ?teri maa ki daal?.

Action Replayy?s producer-writer-director Vipul Shah has made several mainstream entertainers like Namastey London, Waqt and Ankhen. But this is his second disappointing film in a row after London Dreams.

Shah?s favourite Akshay Kumar turns on the vulnerable act yet again, but looks way too senior for this role, especially when he?s acting as a fresh-faced youngster.

Aishwarya Rai is glam-doll yet again. Ex-VJ Aditya Roy Kapoor makes a mark with his acting debut. With an unselfconscious screen presence with plenty of confidence, looks like he?s here to stay.

This is one of those films where the details are accurate down to the Julie and Cadbury?s posters in the background, but missing in the central ingredients like story plausibility, characterisation, and great comedy. Avoid!

Rating: 1.5 stars

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