Agent Vinod review: India's own 'Budget' agent

Agent Vinod review: India's own 'Budget' agent

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 30 March 2012

Movie Title

Agent Vinod review: India's own 'Budget' agent


Sriram Raghavan

Star Cast

Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Mariyam Zakaria

akash2210 | member

How do you identify if it is a Raghvan film? Simple! At any random point an old Bollywood song plays in the background, irrespective of which country one is in!

Again, how do you know if a film is a wannabe slick flick? Simple, go ?Hollywood Hunting? and you come back pocketful with plenty of stereotyping tools such as unjustified technology, unforeseen gadgets, some agent-ish babes who can get passwords from tycoons, some deadly local lingo speaking mafias from Africa and the middle east and a global war issue bundled together however haphazardly! Sounds much like every other Hollywood movie? Well, be ready to bear the same when you watch Agent Vinod.

Starting with Krrish, then Ra.One and then Don 2, Indian film makers try their level best (by that I mean BUDGET best!) to get that oh-so-suave feel into their films. They surely don?t care for scripts. Will the formula of a western action extravaganza be suitable for an Indian film?

Agent Vinod is one such film that falls victim to this copied formula. Diagnosed with wannabe slick action and script deficiency syndrome, this film?s best parts are destined to become as forgetful as the unforgivably similar looking action sequences from the Bourne series and those umpteen Bond films.

Good beginning, pacey screenplay but a low key intermission point. The script does not grow on the viewer as much as it was expected given the profiling and promotion. However, to help you forget that, the film carries a slick look throughout. Editing is sharp but the waywardness in the script poses serious questions on the film?s overall impact and quality.

The country to country shift is engaging. The cinematography is top notch. Action is properly executed. Background score is ok and doesn?t play its part well at a couple of crucial places. In spite of it the music is popular.

Saif is good enough while for those who are looking for chemistry between the lead pair may be a tad disappointed. Kareena looks good but has been given a very underdeveloped character. The support cast is mostly there to enhance the aura and weight of the film rather than add intellectual value.

The bottom line - 50 CRORES? ITNE BUDGET MEIN TOH ITNA HI MILENGA! All said and done it is entertaining, pacey and carries a global message.

Rating: Three stars

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