Aiyyaa, wake me up please!

Aiyyaa, wake me up please!

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By: navindutt | Mouthshut user

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 13 October 2012

Movie Title

Aiyyaa, wake me up please!


Sachin Kundalkar

Star Cast

Rani Mukerji, Prithviraj, Subodh Bhave, Satish Alekar, Kishori Ballal, Nirmiti Sawant, Ameya Wagh, Anita Date, Pakada Pandi, Jyoti Subhash

The promos were enticing. The jokes appeared to be hilarious. The stage was set for a rollicking comedy. There was even a naughty, tongue-in-cheek Rani - trying to do a Vidya in a Hindi-rounded-in-Tamil song - to look forward to.

First I have to applaud the promo makers. Those guys have brilliantly manicured the only good scene in the movie into a 1-minute promo, and before you scream "cheater" they will have vamoosed with the Rs 100 crores, which is apparently now a critical mass club to be in if you want to be seen as the movers in the cine field.

My family and I still have our jaws dropped in horror. We are trying to fathom what we experienced.

If it had not been for an effervescent Rani, we would probably have sworn off movie watching forever!

The problem lies with the fact that the makers are not sure if they want to give a 'playful' feel to the movie, have a wacked out theme, play on a serious philosophy of scent attraction, which probably could make a great short story, or just stick to the hilarious idea of a Marathi mulgi who has developed a liking for a hunk from the south. Her family: a brother who overacts furiously, parents eager to get her hitched quickly, a granny who zooms around in a motorised wheel chair, can provide weak laughter. But there are too many premises and styles floating around and short-circuiting each other.

Rani is, however, not to be too bothered and jumps into the role with an enthusiasm that can only characterise great artistes. For some funky reason, she gets enamored by the scent of a South Indian hunk and just cannot get over him, even when she is close to being engaged to a "take home to mom", nice Maharashtrian boy who is frozen in the Faroukh Chashme Buddoor Shaikh days.

There are a few chuckles along the way solely created by Rani's dream sequences where she parodies the 80s and 90s heroines. She is head-over-heels with the 'scenty' South hunk, and chases him through the film, and keeps herself (and us) occupied with dream sequences.

You cannot also overlook Prithviraj's six packs, which are there on full display!

The director had excellent material in hand and could have made a great comedy. But the plot is lost and it is left to Rani to salvage the film.

She is absolutely outstanding in parts. Prithviraj does not have much to do except look hunky! The rest of the cast - apparently from the stage - are a bit loud.

It is only Subodh Bhave who maintains a sober edge to his role and reminds us constantly of Amol Palekar, whom we miss so much.

The film does not warrant more than a single star, but it will be unfair to Rani who alone commands one more star.

More power to her, but I hope she tries to do better scripts in the future! Right now, all I can shout is: Wakeupum, Helpusum, Critical conditionum!

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