Bal Hanuman 2 review: All cute, no story!

Bal Hanuman 2 review: All cute, no story!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 15 May 2010

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Bal Hanuman 2 review: All cute, no story!


Pankaj Sharma

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So here it is, in the kiddie-movie starved scenario, arrives a 3D version. Of course, it still revolves a mythological figure, but at least there?s something different.

Now the 3D is a lot of fun. You flinch as a stone appears as if thrown into your direction, a snake hisses too close, and an alligator bares its teeth right into your face. Sadly, that?s where the party ends.

For one, Bal Hanuman 2 has no story. It?s a series of episodes that don?t weave into a single cohesive tale. You have an elongated scene, for example, where little Hanuman is fighting off elephants. It goes on and on. You see one elephant being flung, then the other, and then another. Episode ends. The neighbouring rishis tired of Hanuman?s constant mischief wish he?d let things remain a little quiet.

One day when a joke goes too far, a rishi commands that Hanuman be stripped of all his superpowers. This, of course, also finds mention in the holy books. Hanuman is to regain his powers later, when he knows their full worth and how to use them for the good of others.

Then on there?s an alligator sequence, that even has an underwater scene where Hanuman goes all filmy, battling off a circle of evil alligators. They have a boss, a half-human, half-alligator combo and the next scene is spent seeing Hanuman fight off this monster. It?s all reasonable fun: two alligators give each other hi-fives, slave alligators are turned into skis to skim over water, and then we see an underwater fight too.

As far as kids? films go, most take a pro-animal approach as children have a natural affinity towards them. They?re born buddies, as it were. But seeing Hanuman bashing up elephants, even the tiny, cute ones, and then alligators, makes one feel uncomfortable. In fact, it?s shocking in today?s times, when children are taught to be sensitive towards animals and nature right when they?re little. So in short, nothing happens through the movie, except Hanuman bashing up a lot of animals. (The argument that they are asuras disguised as animals doesn?t cut it.)

But there are positives too, as far as animation figures go, Hanuman is utterly cute. Even the character of Hanuman?s best friend is adorable, and is sure to find favour with the little viewers. The 3D should keep the young `uns happy, especially the underwater scene. The background score is rocking.

Of course one wishes that there was a story that the kids could enjoy, more 3D fun (the 3D potential hasn?t been entirely exploited), and even a couple of happy songs. But for now, this will have to do for the little vacation-bored viewers.

Verdict: 2.5 stars

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