Bang Bang! review: A lackluster remake

Bang Bang! review: A lackluster remake

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 October 2014

Movie Title

Bang Bang! review: A lackluster remake


Siddharth Anand

Star Cast

Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan, Jimmy Shergill

If you've seen Knight and Day (Bang Bang! is an official remake), better steer clear. Otherwise, the film might be tolerable, even entertaining in parts.

We see a scowling Jimmy Shergill who is on the hunt for Omar - India ka most wanted criminal. Shergill, who plays Colonel Nanda, talks to the villain asking him to look into his eyes where there is no maut ka khauf, sirf garv. Seriously, who talks like this?

The film begins with a gruesome murder and even ends with one. One wonders why they had to make the film this violent, considering the tone of Knight and Day was consistently light.

Hrithik Roshan is back playing the clever, charming, gourmet-meal cooking thief from Dhoom 2. Hrithik's Rajveer has stolen the Kohinoor diamond (yes, the one and only) and now both the baddies and the government officials are after him. He's nonchalant of course, carrying the diamond around in his coat pocket and placing it on a cafe table for display.

Meanwhile, Katrina's character (Harleen) is introduced in the shower. She's a bank receptionist and the film hammers it in that she is "boring, boring, boring". Got that.

Some of the fun moments happen with Harleen's grandmother who, on hearing about the Kohinoor's theft, is impressed with the thief and says "I just want to meet a man like that."

Rajveer has a meet-cute with Harleen and they have an "explosive" first date. Now the goons are also chasing Harleen, and Rajveer, after shooting people like they were flies, claims he wants to save her life. They are now on the run with the usual chase scenes - zooming cars, speedboats, bullets on either side and so on.

There is not much layered characterization here. In fact, we don't know what to make of our lead characters, but the film doesn't encourage you to think anyway. The larger-than-life action is interestingly choreographed and fun at times, the bullets sprayed non-stop as if it's a video game.

The song picturisations are confetti-dripped, hyper-coloured extravaganzas with a zillion costume changes. It's pretty good fun as the stars give their all here-looking their best, dancing gloriously, and working their chemistry. It's also a good break from the rest of the movie.

As the film progresses, in one scene, you'll have the hero sipping Mountain Dew; in another scene you'll have him say the product's tagline. There are other product placements that are just as cheesy (pizza, you guessed right!)

But perhaps the film's biggest letdown is bringing in faux patriotism and emotional family melodrama, ruining its comedy caper tone. This is indeed perplexing. They have a reasonably good product on hand, why botch it up?

That's a pretty good question for director Siddharth Anand (Anjaana Anjaani, Bachna Ae Haseeno) who could have done so much more with the film. Toned down the film a notch, to start with. But they don't put an exclamation mark on a film's title for nothing!

The lead cast is pretty much what the film has going for it. Hrithik is electric as the wily thief who is equally adept at charming the girl. Hrithik is made to dance the way only he can, he removes his shirt often that has Harleen say she wants to tear off his clothes, and he looks smashing.

Matching step is the lovely Katrina who's earnest as the ditzy receptionist hoping for some adventure.

But the film ends as badly as it started, saved by the lead actors-cavorting-in sexy wear song at the end credits. Most people hung around for that and left swooning about the beauty of the lead actors. If you're content doing that, plus enjoying a few over-the-top stunts, book your ticket.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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