Bangles review: Unoriginal and predictable

Bangles review: Unoriginal and predictable

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 19 October 2013

Movie Title

Bangles review: Unoriginal and predictable


Dr. Suvid Wilson

Star Cast

Ajmal Amir, Poonam Kaur, Archana Kavi

The posters of Bangles had proudly announced that it was scripted by the writer of Cocktail, which is funny because the Malayalam film is a scene-by-scene copy of a Hollywood film, Shattered or Butterfly on a Wheel. So you wish there is something original on screen to be surprised by at least this time from the writer, as you go for Bangles, directed by Suvid Wilson.

But no such luck here. The film is a murder mystery, but the real mystery is who funds projects like these? It's a potpourri of every trick used in films of the suspense-murder-horror genre.

Vivek (Ajmal Amir) is a cinematographer for films, who has come to a scary looking bungalow in some high range village, for a honeymoon with his wife Avantika (Poonam Kaur). The couple is in a romantic mood for sure, but it all lasts only for some time.

As you would expect, there is a shady looking watchman, screeches, eerie occurrences, some strange looking toys, visuals of a ghost in the mirror and the bathtub - the favourite destination of filmmakers for crime. Then there is Angel (Archana Kavi), who is the quintessential ghost who makes her appearance at regular intervals.

And if you have seen at least a couple of scary flicks, the suspense will be over for you in a matter of some seconds. A series of murders happen soon and you wait for the mystery to be unveiled so that you can get out of the theatre!

Suvid Wilson, who is credited with the story and music, has made a rather cliched spooky thriller, which lacks much merit.

Ajmal Amir seems to have no acting bones whatsoever on his tall frame. Poonam Kaur and Archana Kavi fail to impress with their talents. The less said about the rest of the cast, the better.

Bangles is a rehash of several suspense thrillers from the past, including the Bollywood hit Raaz. Why waste time on copies when you have several original options that could thrill you with its eminence? Now, the choice is yours!

Verdict: Below Average

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