Bird Idol review: Nothing to tweet about

Bird Idol review: Nothing to tweet about

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 04 May 2010

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Bird Idol review: Nothing to tweet about


Jyotin Goel

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It?s strange that most of our animations centre around mature themes - usually mythology or romance.

If we haven?t had enough of the baby Ganeshas and Hanumans, we?re subjected to love stories between animated ants (complete with an item song) or Yash Raj Films decides it?s a swell idea to make an animated canine romance and call it Roadside Romeo.

Heck, kids get far more variety on television with world class animation and superb storytelling, and all this on a daily basis.

In Bird Idol, it?s birds. And what do you know, the film also tackles the issue of honour killing. We see two birds in love, belonging to different communities - the passive king?s assistant (a vulture) is against mixing races. So this villainous vulture goes about killing couples who dare to love outside the set boundaries. Topical issue, even today, but one wonders how it fits in a children?s film.

So our two protagonists are in love, and with the help of a friend, escape to the city. They rent a home (for 50 worms a month) and start a new life. Soon enough, the couple is fondly looking after their egg and talking about their unborn son. Yes, son.

A voice in the theatre wondered loudly how the parents knew their child?s gender. The point raised is disturbing. It?s indeed shameful and regressive, especially for an animated film aimed at kids, to assume an unborn baby?s default gender to be male.

So the kid grows up to be a talented one and participates in a bird version of the reality talent show Indian Idol (therefore the film?s title). The rest is routine stuff, and the whole track of how this kid wants to introduce human music into the bird community is pretty vague.

The film is too verbose, and that slows down the pace far too much.

The humour hovers between slapstick, puns and spoofs - some nice ones but sure to be lost on children. For example, an animated caricature based on Bappi Lahiri is hardly the way to amuse kids. And the spoof on the overbearing media won?t drive home the point either. Again, dialogue like ?hamara beta hamaari chonch oopar karega? is unlikely to delight the little viewers.

Songs are just about ok.

The characters are one-dimensional. The villain growls, the hero is wooed by a seductress (she wears make-up and is, therefore, evil), but eventually goes back to his steadfast girlfriend - routine happy, sappy ending.

Yet another disappointing animation film. It?s clear that animation filmmakers stubbornly refuse to focus on themes that their little viewers would enjoy.

Rating: 1 star

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