Iblis review: A fantasy, far from perfect!

Iblis review: A fantasy, far from perfect!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 05 August 2018

Movie Title

Iblis review: A fantasy, far from perfect!


Rohith V S

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Madonna Sebastian

Adventures of Omanakkuttan director Rohith V S Is back, this time with a fantasy drama, Iblis which talking mainly about death and after life.

Vaisakhan (Asif Ali) lives in an unknown land, playing music at the homes where someone has died. He is a carefree youth, who is madly in love with Fida (Madonna Sebastian). His concepts of death and after life have heavily been influenced by his “muthassan” or grandpa, Sreedharan (Lal).

This muthassan is a weird character who enjoys his life, travelling like a nomad. He is a funny character who even plans to make Vaisakhan and Fida fall in love. 

Of course, to enjoy the film you have to accept the way the fantasy is being narrated. Once you are ready for that, the journey becomes okay.

More details about this fantasy ride can take away the fun and we are not playing spoilsports. 

With a script, which has its own highs and lows, the director explains certain theories about life, death and life after death. Some of them are pretty weird and even silly, but even then the film has its moments here and there. However, the jokes about the old and those with physical impairments is disturbing to say the least.

As the likeable Vaisakhan, Asif Ali has performed in a dedicated manner. He chooses to flow along the line, without trying to become a macho hero, at any point of time. Madonna Sebastian has to look beautiful and that she does with ease. Sreenath Bhasi scores with his comic timing and Lal is impressive as Vaisakhan’s grandpa.

Iblis is definitely meant for those who find entertainment in enjoying out of the box fun. It is far from perfect but can be an easy watch that takes the viewers to a fantasy land.

Iblis review:Verdict: Watchable

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