Blood Money review: Your money will bleed

Blood Money review: Your money will bleed

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 04 April 2012

Movie Title

Blood Money review: Your money will bleed


Vishal Mahadkar

Star Cast

Kunal Khemu, Amrita Puri, Mia Uyeda

kapoor_akhi | member

The hero has been stabbed with a knife, there is blood, he runs with goons chasing him and gives them a hard time.

The movie gives the audience a hard time right from the shaky start to a very predictable end.

The movie in itself is very predictable borrowing heavily from superhit Jannat also from the Bhatt camp.

To be honest, the sole reason I chose this movie was that it was by Mahesh Bhatt. But the expectations were shattered five minutes into the movie when the lead pair land in South Africa and the heroine starts appreciating their new home with expressions and words of a five year old. Innocence is a likeable attribute in girls but childishness certainly takes its toll.

The film follows a routine of the husband running after success and money while ignoring wife and later returning back to her in a so called guilt-hit state of mind. Neither of the pair has been able to do justice to their characters and the movie just carries on blindly without any particular theme or idea.

Changes to the attitude of the lead character range from sleeping with a colleague, to sending remorseful text messages to wife after forgetting her birthday, from subduing his quest for truth in order to find happiness to waking up to a conscience after his friend is murdered.

The best part that stands out is that of the villain. Alteast, he comes across as a person who is the right choice for the role and does justice to his character.

Watch this movie for the songs and if you can get the songs elsewhere, do not let your hard-earned money bleed while you get bored.

Rating: Two stars

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