Bumm Bumm Bole won?t win the race

Bumm Bumm Bole won?t win the race

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 14 May 2010

Movie Title

Bumm Bumm Bole won?t win the race



Star Cast

Darsheel Safary, Atul Kulkarni, Rituparna Sengupta and Ziyah Vastani

You?re at a disadvantage if you?ve seen Majid Majidi?s Children of Heaven, of which this is an adaptation.. How sorely you miss the sweet simplicity of the Iranian film, and how you regret the Bollywoodisation of its Hindi version.

Directed by Priyadarshan, the film is set in the North East, where we see a poor family struggling to make ends meet. The two children - a boy Pinu (Darsheel Safary) and his younger sister Rimzim (Ziyah Vastani, Aap ki Antara) - work hard helping around the house. It?s a lovely family that remains close-knit despite their tribulations.

The father (Atul Kulkarni) loses his job after he bashes up his employer for molesting his wife (this portion is added in the Hindi version). Then on, he gets called to the police station for routine questioning and loses the other job he has procured with great difficulty.

Meanwhile, the children face their own crisis quietly. Pinu misplaces his sister?s only pair of slippers on his way back from the cobbler?s. Now, the brother and sister have only Pinu?s worn-out sneakers to share. How they manage going to school with just one pair of shoes between them, while their parents manage to keep things together, forms the story. At a school race, the prize is, among others, a new pair of shoes. And Pinu decides he won?t let this opportunity go.

Priyadarshan seems overwhelmed at the prospect of telling such a simple story. Perhaps assuming that it?s too delicate for Indian tastes, melodrama has been added by insinuating a terrorism angle (clumsily shot), violence, and the sleazy employer who eyes the mother. There are a couple of scenes too violent and incongruous with the tone of the movie, and take you quite by surprise.

There are some parts that are worth savouring again and again in Children of Heaven: the one where the brother and sister communicate by writing each other messages, as their unsuspecting parents think they?re studying; the scene where the father finally finds a benevolent employer; and the final race.

Here, we?re not that taken in by the story. Perhaps that has something to do with the acting as well. Darsheel Safary, reportedly the highest paid child star in India, doesn?t make your heart stir that often. While one wants to refrain from making judgements about children, naturally here it?s the director?s role that comes into play.

Atul Kulkarni, a powerhouse performer, too seems out of sorts here in this role with a repetitive graph. Little Ziyah Vastani, expressive and cute enough to melt a stone, is the scene-stealer.

The dialect is utterly confusing with inclusions like the wife saying ?ae ji? to the husband, and ordinary folks using words like ?chaatr? (student) and ?awwal? (first). The kids are spoken to in an objectionable manner more than once.

It?s hard to imagine a sports coach screaming `get out? to a child in a well-known convent school. Or shrieking, `Abhi tak kahan so rahe the, ghode ke tabele mein?? when the kids ask for a chance to run the race.

The in-your-face endorsements of a kids? drink and a major shoe brand reach bizarre proportions (you have the dad, with hardly enough money, shopping at their store). The animated song with shoes is the only agreeable interesting addition from the original.

Perhaps some films are better left untouched. You might enjoy this marginally, if you haven?t had the chance to see the original.

Rating: 2 stars

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