Chance Pe Dance takes a predictable path

Chance Pe Dance takes a predictable path

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 January 2010

Movie Title

Chance Pe Dance takes a predictable path


Ken Ghosh

Star Cast

Shahid Kapoor, Genelia D?Souza

Two films (Luck By Chance, Chance Pe Dance) about strugglers in the film industry have the word chance as part of the title. It?s an indication of how precious and elusive that one opportunity is.

And looking for that break is Sameer Behl (Shahid Kapoor) who quits Delhi, refusing to sell saris for a living, and goes to Mumbai to become a star. Easier said than done, he realises to his dismay. He finds work as a courier boy, while doing the rounds of what seems like an endless circle of auditions.

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Meanwhile, he?s living the typical struggler life with a rented room for a home and friends making up for family. Dancing in a nightclub (?audition without permission?), he gets noticed by a producer and is hired as a hero on the spot. This, after years of struggle, seems to be too good to be true - and indeed it is.

Throughout the film, the track meanders onto a predictable path. We know immediately that when Sameer bags the offer, there is trouble ahead. Eventually, without a job and a home, he lives out of his car, takes up work as a school dance teacher and participates in a reality star hunt show.

The school kids? parallel track is an unnecessary diversion. The kids crib that they?ve always stood last at inter-school competitions and, now, Sameer is their saviour. Do you really need to know what happens at the next school competition? (This is Jack Black and The School of Rock?s Bollywood avatar.)

Shahid, Genelia take Chance Pe Dance live | Shahid, Genelia sleep in a car!

His choreographer girlfriend (Genelia D?Souza) is so moved by Sameer?s state that she quits the producer?s project, too. Sameer, in the talent hunt audition, says something about his mother?s dream (instead of the dialogue) and the judges are ecstatic. Yes, it?s that kind of a movie.

It?s annoying that children are brought in to add the emotional angle, and the film goes too far when it shows a timid girl who transforms and uninhibitedly screams on getting the trophy. Honestly, it?s like two films in one. As far as the dance goes - you?re never swept away by the moves, or enamoured by the choreography. Shahid?s dance is entertaining and masterful; but it doesn?t move you.

Shahid Kapoor makes Sameer a goofy sort of nice guy, though, towards the second half, the affected charm stops amusing us. Still, he is excellent at humour. The actor has worked hard on himself and his waxed, toned, tanned, shirtless physique is proof. Genelia is sprightly as the happy-go-lucky girlfriend who won?t drive her Scooty over a speed of 30.

The music is fun. The song picturisation, where giant versions of the characters are moving around Mumbai?s landmarks, is a blast.

Dialogue is understated and real in the first half. On the road, without support, Sameer wonders how he?ll get through: ?Nobody?s there ya, kaise manage karoon?. Or the kids calling a sleep-deprived Sameer ?soya? bean.

Special: All you wanted to know about Chance Pe Dance

Writer-director Ken Ghosh?s sprinkling of humour throughout the breezy first half makes the story of Sameer?s struggle immersing. His daily challenge to find a place to bathe and wash clothes is endearing, even as he finds a solution in the school?s washroom. Again, his eyeing children?s lunch-boxes while returning their ?good-afternoons? is tragicomic. Ghosh does very well in portions, but falters towards the finale. Following a dead formula, the light heartedness of the beginning is `balanced? with an emotionally loaded finale.

Had the film retained its smart, humorous and authentic tone without falling into pattern, this would have been a great watch. For now, you?ll have to forgive the predictable second half if you want to enjoy Shahid?s uninhibited, charming performance.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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