Chitkabrey ?Shades of Grey review: A bizarre film!

Chitkabrey ?Shades of Grey review: A bizarre film!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 27 August 2011

Movie Title

Chitkabrey ?Shades of Grey review: A bizarre film!


Suneet Arora

Star Cast

Ravi Kissen, Divya Dwivedi, Khushbhu Gupta, Puja Gupta, Jaswinder Gardner, Svetlana Manolyo, Akshharaa Gowda, Susanna Mohan

Rakesh (Ravi Kissen), a white-shirted fresher, nerdy glasses resting on the nose, white tilak covering the forehead, is a natural magnet for the campus bullies looking to harass. A group of seniors rag him. He?s not the only one ragged and the ragging does not cause him any physical harm. At night, the gang picks him from his room, and asks him to strip.

Now, 15 years later, he hatches a plan for revenge. He calls all his raggers to a deserted home, and takes them hostage. He makes each one spill out their secrets to their wives?one confesses to an affair, another to being already married, another to a gay relationship and so on. Now, the clincher is that these spouses, who have just heard the sordid details of their husbands, have to arrange a crore of rupees to free their husbands. Within 24 hours, the women have to decide whether they want their husbands back or not.

What?s interesting is that the wives are faced with an impossible temptation ? one, whose husband is a politician stands to gain public sympathy and her own political career if her husband dies; but on the other hand, her children lose their father. Another wife says that she too, took revenge on her husband by starting an affair with his best friend. So while the psycho kidnapper holds their husbands hostage, the wives contemplate what they should do.

Now, first of all, you are never involved in the drama because honestly, the ragging was not severe enough to warrant such an intense revenge, planned over 15 years! Second, barring a few actors, the performances are below par. Ravi Kissen makes for a formidable villain with an effective, even if limited, performance.

Producer-writer-director Suneet Arora takes a concept that could have translated into a suspenseful, edgy film. Instead, what you get is a moral-science lesson, the tough-love way.

The film has been touted as being 'bold' and 'shocking', but barring a few sex scenes, there?s nothing in it. The grey-shaded metaphor is in fact nicely integrated in the way each relationship?s failings come to light. It attempts at showing the perspectives from both the husband and wife?s perspectives, which is interesting.

But otherwise it?s all haphazard. You don?t understand Rajesh?s motive for taking such an extreme step. And the ending, where the bizarre motive is revealed, it is the film?s undoing. With a more solid narrative, pacy storytelling and better execution, the film could have been a 'hat ke' watch.

Verdict: One and a half stars

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