Damadamm! review

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 28 October 2011

Movie Title



Swapna Waghmare

Star Cast

Himesh Reshammiya, Sonal Sehgal, Purbi Joshi

Of, By, For Himesh Reshammiya!

When was the last time you saw a real romance, warts and all, in a Bollywood movie? Nope, I can`t remember either.

We are used to tolerating silly romances where the hero falls for the girl at first glance, or pledges undying love for a person whom he`s only spoken to via prank calls.

Sameer (Himesh Reshammiya) is a successful film executive in love with colleague Shikha (Purbi Joshi, superb). They have a volatile relationship due to Shikha`s possessiveness and super-suspicious nature.

When she`s on a vacation, Sameer is ecstatic at the opportunity of freedom. Avoiding her calls, he parties hard and often with boss`s sister Sanjana (Sonal Sehgal, pleasant).

They form a bond that leads Sameer into a dilemma. One that Shikha had always feared. Sameer and Shikha are your regular always- fighting, but much-in-love contemporary couple. Little things like saving up to buy a home together, talking about mundane things, wondering when they`ll buy a car are all sensitively portrayed.

Plus there`s Purbi Joshi: the absolute scene-stealer of the film. Joshi`s superb performance makes the audience empathize with and warm up to Shikha`s character. All characters are interestingly written and textured.

Sameer is as strong as he is weak and confused, relying on the wrong people for advice. Shikha turns out to be the one with the most gumption. After a fight with Sameer, she flees the office in an emotional outburst, only to wipe the tears and return back to her seat.

Sameer`s boss is an interesting character as well. Always handing him out destructive advice, you wonder if he`s a frenemy in disguise.

The film falters mainly on two counts. One?the central protagonist`s casting. The film wants us to believe that Himesh Rehammiya is a cool-dude of a film executive. That he has two very attractive women swooning over him. Enough said!

Then there are the improbable developments. None of the characters` `motive` are clear. Sameer hurts several people but they all miraculously forgive him. Sanjana flirts with Sameer despite knowing he has a girlfriend. Either he`s doggone lucky or the screenwriter is as smitten as the leading ladies.

Wait, yes, that`s the problem. Himesh Reshammiya is hopelessly smitten with himself. Produced, written and acted in by Himesh Reshammiya, the film is `of, by, and for` him.

Still, debut director Swati Waghmare`s film is a reasonably breezy watch. You might enjoy the contemporary romance, if you let the flaws pass.

Verdict: 2.5 stars

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