Damarukam review



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 November 2012

Movie Title



Srinivas Reddy

Star Cast

Nagarjuna, Anushka Shetty, Ganesh Venkatraman, Prakash Raj

After constantly getting postponed, Damarakum got a hysterical release all over the world.

It is a socio-fantasy movie directed by Srinivas Reddy, who is adept in the genre. Let us observe the fortunes of the film in the backdrop of the latest controversies and postponements it has racked up.

Mallikarjun (Nagarjuna) is a taxi driver who falls in love with Maheshwari (Anushka) who is born on an auspicious day. Andhakasura (Ravi Shankar), wielding supernatural powers, is desperate to kill Anushka to become the monarch of the five elements of the creation (Pancha Butas).

Unaware of this, Nagarjuna tries to save her with the help of one Sambaiah (Prakash Raj), who is none other than Lord Shiva in the guise of an ordinary human being. How Mallikarjun saves Maheshwari and the world from the evil force form the core of the story.

Nagarjuna, featuring in a different genre, chose a socio fantasy film for the first time. He does total justice to his role. His six-pack abs is perfectly suited for the role of a saviour. Nag looks handsome through the film and stuns the audience.

Anushka is simply superb and looks beautiful and enthralls the audiences with excellent dance sequences. Unfortunately, she has little footage, disappointing the audiences.

Ravi Shankar who is known for his dubbing skill excels as a cruel villain . His dialogue delivery and diction suit well for the negative role.

Ganesh Venkatraman as Anushka`s brother-in-law, Prakash Raj as Sambaiah and as Lord Shiva do justice to the movie.

Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu, Krishna Bhagawan, M S Narayana and Duvvasi generate considerable comedy. Charmee is an additional asset to the movie?s entertainment factor.

Director Srinivas Reddy known for his successful small budget comedy films so far could hit a jackpot with film. Srinivas Reddy selected a good script and proved his mettle with the big movie world. However, screenplay and editing should have been better in first half.

Second half is excellent with gripping narration and tight screenplay. He should have written a better climax for the movie which is a big letdown.

Devi Sri Prasad rocks again. Music is the highlight of the movie. Chota K Naidu?s cinematography is excellent. There was lot hype about the VFX in the movie, but it is not up to the mark.

Dialogues are good. Editing should have been better. The film is lagging behind with drawbacks like few Illogical scenes, losing grip in screenplay in the second half and weak climax.

Damarukam is also a didactic film projecting the theme about a common man taking on an evil force that is set to rule the world. Director lacked sufficient home work and research in the subject.

However, Damarukam holds all commercial angles to score a hit with the masses.

Verdict: Entertaining

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