Desi Kattey review - Desi Gunday

Desi Kattey review - Desi Gunday

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 27 September 2014

Movie Title

Desi Kattey review - Desi Gunday


Anand Kumar

Star Cast

Jay Bhanushali, Claudia Ciesla, Akhil Kapur, Sunil Shetty

What would you get if you mix the recent hit Gunday and an underdog sports story. This unappetizing dish goes by the name of Desi Kattey. Director Anand Kumar (Zilla Ghaziabad) is back with yet another crime drama set in UP.

Like in Gunday, the film has two kids growing up in a criminalized environment, and becoming the best of friends. Here, Gyani (Jay Bhanushali) and Paali (Akhil Kapur) are small-time criminals and their bromance is of the typical filmi variety ("you'll have to shoot me, before you shoot him"). Now their aim is to be the local king-pins, and want to work under a much-feared crime lord (Ashutosh Rana). In an unintentionally comical scene, they show a befuddled Ashutosh, whom they call God, their devotion with his photos stuck on their wall. Minor criminals worshipping major ones ? what's to like?

It gets worse when a mysterious man keeps bailing them out of sticky situations. This character is played by Suniel Shetty and so naturally has a convoluted and long name like Major Suryakant Rathod.

The Major takes the minor criminals under his wing, or at least hopes to. He wants them to put their "talent" with the gun to better use. The reason isn't convincing at all. Meanwhile, we see Ashutosh Rana doing the typical villain act - scowling face, bulging eyes, time spent doing pooja, using smart-alecky phrases in every conversation, and running for elections, all this to heavy-duty background score that appears when he's on screen.

The film goes down the neat, predictable route, when that other cliched character is introduced. No marks for guessing which one. Why... it's the naya SP with an imaandaari ki beemari of course! It's little mercy that the role is played by the dependably good Murli Sharma.

Violence is a given with people being shot, the body count piling, and fights shot in the market place (ample scope for things to break and for people to scream).

Meanwhile, the two friends go their separate ways. One of them finds a new life competing in shooting championships, while the other follows his "dream" of working in the aparadh jagat with Ashutosh.

The film is predictable from start to finish. Several dramatic moments like the parting of the two friends, is rendered in a surprisingly tepid manner. The film has a few interesting songs, but the background score is distractingly bad.

Performances by the two lead actors are another weak link. As is the case in several films off late, it is the side actors, in this case Ashutosh Rana, who liven up the film somewhat. The girls (Sasha Agha, Tia Bajpai) play the love interests and do a fair job, I guess.

The direction is disappointing. Unbelievably, you have a character talking in a distinct UP lingo in one scene, and the same character speaking without the slightest hint of the accent in the other.

If you're interested in yet another mediocre UP movie about petty criminals, this is your pick.

Rating: 1.5 stars

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