Idhayam Thiraiarangam

Idhayam Thiraiarangam


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 June 2012

Movie Title

Idhayam Thiraiarangam


Ramki Ramakrishnan

Star Cast

Anand, Swetha, Manobala, Kavitha

Idhayam Thiraiarangam is yet another tale of love and revenge set in a rural milieu with nothing new on offer except for a couple of shocking moments when a mother tells her daughter to marry her brother! Well, you certainly heard that right. And apart from that momentary shocker from which hangs a tale that later unfolds, the film is pretty much old fashioned in presentation.

Mahalaxmi ( Swetha ) is brought up with a lot of love by her mother Appu who is actually an unscrupulous lady who is into money lending. The mother cannot bear to be parted from her daughter at any cost and is a great believer in astrology. So much so, she has hired a permanent astrologer who gives her daily predictions and her every move is decided by her astrological chart. For instance, if her driver?s bad time is running, which could clash with her own chart, he is thrown out of job!! But if he pesters her for a fair settlement in lieu of his sudden premature retirement, well, he is just shot down. Simple.

In this scenario, enters Kumar ( Anand), a mechanic who by twists of fate, meets and falls in love with Mahalaxmi. When the cruel mom comes to know of this, she pretends to give it a green signal but secretly beats up Kumar?s boss who has aided the couple. She also consults her astrologer who tells her that if Mahalaxmi were to leave her, her bad time would start and she would return to her pauper days. So it?s better she gets her daughter married to her own son instead and keeps her within the family!

Naturally, Mahalaxmi as well as the audience is wondering how this is possible, when the truth comes out via a flashback. It turns out that Mahalaxmi is actually the daughter of Kumar?s beaten up boss. Appu had hijacked the baby when the man was a pauper and had not repaid his debts to her decades ago. When the astrologer had revealed that a run of good luck would always be with her, till she kept the child, Appu had decided to threaten the parents with death and forcibly adopt the lucky baby herself.

So does Kumar manage to get his beloved ? If so at what cost? In all fairness it must be said that all actors do their part with aplomb, especially Swetha and Anand. At no point is there a lag in the story and things run pretty much smoothly and fast all through. That is, if you can put up with the loud dialogues, the inane comedy track, the several suddenly induced songs and the never ending, extended action scenes where the director forgot to say ?cut?.

If you decide to see the film, go armed with loads of patience. For its dim-witted writing and sloppy direction, Idhayam Thiraiarangam is ultimately a tiresome watch.

Verdict: Below Average

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