Dolly Ki Doli review: Vivacious and fun!

Dolly Ki Doli review: Vivacious and fun!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 23 February 2015

Movie Title

Dolly Ki Doli review: Vivacious and fun!


Abhishek Dogra

Star Cast

Sonam Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma

The film is about a delightfully unapologetic con-woman, who, along with her troupe, goes about their modus operandi in a most organized manner. But there is fun on the job as well, as this bonded-like-a-family group, ensures.

The con-woman in question is Dolly (Sonam Kapoor), and her cons give a new meaning to the term, "marrying into money".

The group is your typical version of the great Indian family, including a dazed grandmother whose part in the play, is to say the dialogue, "Beti de di, sab de diya."

Dolly is as sly as she is beautiful. She picks the bottom crate from the groom stable ? the boy still dominated by his mother who wants a timid wife, the ageing man, etc? all of whom are flattered that this looker wants them.

She bats her eyelashes making them feel like the men they imagine themselves to be. And they're all "clean-bowled". No wonder, this "looteri dulhan" confesses feeling no guilt for conning them at a later stage.

After several complaints from the Merut-Sonipat-Gudgaon area, a cop Robin (Pulkit Samrat) is assigned this case, which he pursues at a feverish pace. It is to the film's credit that we are emotionally invested with the character at all times, and don't want her to get caught.

Of course, it's a manipulative tool to make all the conned people and their families utterly unlikeable, the boys are dunces and the mom-in-laws greedy. Naturally, the audience sides with the beautiful vivacious, fun Dolly, who makes her crimes look almost innocuous.

Some of the crude dialogue in the film seems completely incongruous with the film. Example ? Dolly serving her father-in-law a glass of milk suggestively saying, "Main sabko doodh doongi", as he looks on lustfully. There's the 'Agar mard hote to...' type dialogue, which is so outdated. And that dance number with co-producer Malaika Arora Khan with hugely suggestive lyrics.

Now, con films are great fun and this film will have you thinking back to the super-fun Bunty Aur Babli. This one had the potential to be as good, but falls short. One is unsure of the character's motivation to earn her livelihood this way, and an ambiguity about her background. Ditto, her gang.

Sonam Kapoor's act has that trademark spontaneous, free-spirited texture, and she seems to have found her niche in the rom-com genre. Her dialogue delivery and accent (her character ideally should have had a less urban twang) falls short, but Kapoor's sprightliness is a great cover.

Pulkit Samrat as the cop, Rajkummar Rao as the besotted Sonu and Chinmay Chadda as the conned groom are superb. Archana Puran Singh is hilarious even in the stereotypical North Indian mother-in-law role, who objects that her "kothi" is being referred to as a house.

There is a clear attempt to cash in on Kapoor's successful Khoobsurat, from the character's vivacious disposition, to the drunken wedding dance, and the song at the end credits. As we've seen, most Hindi films cop-out in the end, offering a conventional ending when there was potential for a more subversive one. Dolly Ki Doli redeems itself with the super-cool ending.

Debut director Abhishek Dogra gives us a film that's an above-average entertainer, with an interesting story and a solid ensemble cast. Worth a watch!

Rating: 3 stars

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