Ek Tha Tiger review: A simple entertainer

Ek Tha Tiger review: A simple entertainer

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By: sumit.prak | member

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Movie Title

Ek Tha Tiger review: A simple entertainer


Kabir Khan

Star Cast

Salman Khan Katrina Kaif Ranvir Shorey

I just watched this movie today and liked it because it was simply an entertainer and better than many other movies releasing now a days. Bond movies have been the guiding theme for most spy movies here and thats what this movie?s plot is based on. Salman khan, the Tiger is shown as a veteran Indian spy, assigned from one mission to another, and still single because of the nature of his job. He is reporting to Girish Karnad, shown as boss of India?s RAW, similar to Bond's boss M. Of coures, there is a Felix Leiter also.

It starts well with Tiger performing Bond-like stunts to complete a mission in a populated Iraqi region. On his next mission in London, he falls in love with Katrina Kaif who is a Pakistani spy in disguise. There after, the first half turns boring as he is shown trying to get close to her in one way or another. Slow-moving romance does not go well with a spy movie, which is supposed to be fast-moving. But fortunately it ends soon when her true identity is revealed. The second half takes a different turn when the two of them after meeting again at an international conference decide to run away from their organizations. For the rest of the movie they are followed by their respective organization members from one country to another with orders of capturing them.

A few interesting stunt scenes are there. One where Tiger climbs on to the top of a fast-moving train whose brakes are jammed and he uses his blazer to cut the power supply from overhead electric wires to bring the train to a halt. Then he wears the same blazer, apparently undamaged, to go to a musical event. In another scene he is shown escaping capture by jumping from a running motorcycle onto a plane that has already taken off. This scene was applauded by tge audience.

The only letdown were the songs that were needlessly inserted at places. Movie could have done well without them. Also the jokes were quite timepass, compared to witty one liners of James bond. But overall it is good entertainment.

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