'If this is true it's such a shame', says Rima

Source :Sify
Author :Moviebuzz
Last Updated: Sat, Sep 19th, 2020, 12:56:50hrs
'If this is true it's such a shame', says Rima

Actors Rima Kallingal and Revathy have expressed their disbelief about the reported change in stance of four of their colleagues in the infamous Actress molestation case.

“Deeply hurt that colleagues who stood by the survivor have turned hostile in the last minute when she needed their help the most,” writes Rima. “Have been reading that 4 of them have changed their statement. Edavela Babu, Bindu Panikkar, Sidhique, Bhama. And still counting. If this is true it’s such a shame,” writes Rima.

“It’s sad that we can’t trust our own colleagues in the film industry. So many years of work, so many projects, but when there is an issue for a ‘woman’ it all takes a back seat. There is no memory of all that friendship and shared work space. In the famous but not spoken much about these days, the Actress Assault case of 2017, Edavela Babu and Bindu Panniker pulled back on their own statements in court, well could not have expected much from them. And now its Mr Siddique and Bhamaa. I suppose one can understand why Mr Siddique did it but Bhamaa??? Having been a friend and confidant she too denies what she told the cops soon after the incident. The survivor has been going through such tough times all these years just to get justice which will be an opening to justice for women in general... why is it that no one thinks about what goes on in a survivor’s life and family for having filed a complaint?,” writes Revathy on her Facebook page.