Good Night Good Morning review: Phone a friend!

Sudhish Kamath makes a film that's much like the waffles it mentions - sweet, light, and to be savored immediately

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 20 January 2012

Movie Title

Good Night Good Morning review: Phone a friend!


Sudhish Kamath

Star Cast

Seema Rahmani, Manu Narayan

It?s an odd week for the Bollywood critic. No star-studded blockbusters to review. Instead, one gets to watch this small gem of a movie?an Indian film in English.

Good Night Good Morning (GNGM) was shown at the Mumbai International Film Festival 2010, and this writer could only manage a glimpse. The film is now seeing a theatrical release and here?s why you must catch it.

GNGM is a treat for those who value talky films (it?s interesting the film mentions Before Sunrise?considered ?the? talky of all times). It trails the phone conversation between two strangers who talk through the night till the next morning.

Turiya Omprakash (Manu Narayan: The Love Guru, Walkaway) and Moira (Seema Rahmani: Loins of Punjab Presents, Sins) meet in a New York bar and begin a telephonic conversation. Turiya is an insurance agent and Moira is completing her PhD in New Media. We watch their conversation unfold in black-and-white, split screen.

The chat starts harmlessly enough exploring movies (?explain the Matrix in four lines?) to melons (funny portion, there), to friendship, and finally relationships. Both have come out of long, arduous break-ups.

She says she?s over hers; he?s yet to delete even the messages off his phone. He claims to be a virgin; she jokes she has enough experience for the two of them. Light flirting leads the two into darker, more loaded territory. Their break-ups have not been easy, and talking about it seems difficult still.

The film has dialogue sparkling with wit and humour, and isn?t afraid to delve deep. A couple of interludes?one spoofing Bollywood film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and another about a geek ? seem unnecessary. The KKHH spoof is just silly; how original is it to spoof Shah Rukh Khan? The geeky story is abrupt and pointless.

Again at times, one gets restless as the conversation meanders, but continues self-indulgently. What makes you sit through these portions is the neat chemistry between Turiya and Moira. And both lead actors offer us flawless and layered performances.

Film critic, producer, co-writer, and director Sudhish Kamath makes a film that?s much like the waffles it mentions?sweet, light, and to be savored immediately.

Rating: Three stars

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