Hate Story review: Dispense logic to enjoy this payback story

Hate Story review: Dispense logic to enjoy this payback story

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 21 April 2012

Movie Title

Hate Story review: Dispense logic to enjoy this payback story


Vivek Agnihotri

Star Cast

Paoli Dam, Nikhil Dwivedi, Gulshan Deviah

Ok, now this is one of those films where the film?s publicity promises, er, something else. It?s a desperate ?get-bums-on-the-seats? strategy.

The publicity overdosed on the erotica quotient, making us expect a blatant and exploitative skin-show, Vikram Bhatt ishtyle. Strangely, the film turns out to be rather tame by those standards (many will remember Bhatt?s 3D rape-fest Haunted that released only some time ago). The story still remains bizarre.

A journalist Kavya (Paoli Dam) and her flunky/friend photographer (Nikhil Dwivedi) giggle their way through a scandalous expose. They?ve lifted the veil off a slimy deal, and the stuttering son Siddharth (Gulshan Deviah), heir to a cementing business empire, now has to give explanations to his domineering father.

This son is constantly barraged with an ?if you don?t get to the bottom of this, I?ll put your brother in charge? kind of threat. With the scam on the front page of newspapers, Siddharth is under pressure to sort things out.

In a curious move, he invites Kavya for coffee and offers her a job with a huge income and perks. That done, the two move from being colleagues to lovers pretty quickly. But then Kavya learns of an ugly truth and is out on a revenge mode.

As it happens in most Hindi films, a woman will find it impossible to take revenge or fend for herself without entering the world of prostitution. So our educated journalist protagonist hires the services of a top prostitute to learn the tricks of the trade. She also starts smoking, reaffirming yet another Bollywood clich?.

The flunky/friend/helpless lover hangs around to take the moral high ground, so he can witness the girl?s downfall and say ?I told you so?. But does the girl get her revenge? And how?

Now, this is a revenge drama after long, so it?s entertaining to watch in parts. Of course the entire story is hugely improbable. Right from the smart journalist accepting a job from the very person she exposed in her story, to being gullible enough to fall for him, to finally turning a prostitute to get her revenge. It?s all really nuts, but fun if you dispense logic.

Paoli Dam makes her debut with this film, and the makers have for obvious reasons, featured her sexuality to promote the film. An unconventional looker, reminding one of dusky Deepal Shaw, Dam is not half-bad as a performer. What she lacks in acting chops, she makes up for with her cool confidence.

Gulshan Deviah (Shaitan, That Girl in Yellow Boots) is in fine form, even though he has this over-the-top characterization to work with.

Technically, the film is average. The background score borrowed from old Vikram Bhatt films is distractingly mediocre.

Director Vivek Agnihotri?s Hate Story is just that - a film about payback, and a woman, otherwise resourceful, who perplexingly needs to turn prostitute to get her revenge.

Still, the film is not the sleaze-fest the promos led you to believe it was. Now that can be a respite or, a disappointment depending on which side of the fence you?re on.

Rating: Two stars

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