Heartless review: Heartless, indeed!

Heartless review: Heartless, indeed!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 29 December 2014

Movie Title

Heartless review: Heartless, indeed!


Shekhar Suman

Star Cast

Suman, Ariana Ayam, Deepti Naval, Shekhar Suman

He's an overgrown child (Adhyayan) who has an overbearing mother. Life's good as the mother is away and the boy is in the mood to play.

He spots a pretty employee at the Dubai hotel he's staying in and before we say 'whatjusthappened' they've already sung three songs together!

The boy is set to have a heart transplant soon and during the surgery slips into a condition called 'anaesthesia awareness'.

And since he is technically unconscious but can hear everything, he's in for a shocking revelation.

Now this portion has surgery shots in all their bloody and gory details. Heck, you even get to see a beating heart being replaced with the other.

The mother is omnipresent with mom-type dialogue such as Mera raaja beta, Mujhe kuch theek nahin lag raha, Maa hoon na and Main jee nahin sakti uske bina. Which would be fine, except that she's a person of the world dressed in power suits and running a multi-crore company. Surely such a person would use less cliched ways to express love!

The acting is average. Adhyayan Suman is playing a role that could slip from tragedy to comedy. He's intermittently sincere, but the performance slips into comedy when he does a Michael Jackson-type emotional song called Heartless (after a heart surgery, by the way). Or when he's climbing up snow-covered mountains and then bursts into flames (the symbolism could boggle the mind).

More unintentional comedy happens when Shekhar Suman pops in playing the role of a "friend".

New girl Ariana Ayam looks all-right but can hardly act. It's a pretty exciting role for an actress but needed a more solid performer.

Plus, sadly there is zero chemistry between the lead pair.

Deepti Naval tries breathing life into the insipid role - that of a supremely protective and sacrificing mother. Now where have we seen that role before?

Shekhar Suman as the role of Adhyayan's "friend" looks too old for the role. And again the role needed a deeper performance.

This film marks Suman's directorial debut, and he makes the film look like a father-son family video. Plus, he chooses to make a film "inspired" by the Hollywood medical thriller Awake.

Why would someone rip off a film that itself got average reviews? Why would someone rip off a film for their debut anyway?

The story is hollow, and has enough meat to sustain perhaps an episode of a tv thriller series. There are hardly any thrills in the film, but one guesses any film with a bit of a twist, murder and motive could technically qualify for this genre. The songs are pleasant enough, but they're too many.

One wishes the film had more depth. More heart.

Rating: 2 stars

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