I, Me Aur Main review: Shallow and indulgent

I, Me Aur Main review: Shallow and indulgent

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 02 March 2013

Movie Title

I, Me Aur Main review: Shallow and indulgent


Kapil Sharma

Star Cast

John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangada Singh, Mini Mathur, Raima Sen, Zarina Wahab

Pretty much like the central character, the film is self-obsessed - rambling on without sparing a thought for its audience.

"Who's the best, who's the best?" John keeps asking the mirror like the evil queen in Snow White. You half-expect the mirror to answer back, 'You, Ishaan, are the best in the land.' At least that would have lent some novelty to the rom-com.

Ishaan (John Abraham) lives in with girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangda Singh in form-hugging office wear). His singularly dislikeable character, your usual pampered Mamma's boy, refuses to help his girlfriend with household bills and chores, even throwing a party at her home and passing out just before its time to clean. Guess who's tidying up after?

Still, this doormat of a girlfriend gushes over how much she loves Ishaan. But when push comes to shove, she caves and Ishaan is left to find an apartment of his own. His over-indulgent mother flies to his side, bringing food and even the cutlery. You see clearly how such overgrown babies are created.

Ishaan's upbringing makes him uneasy with a female boss as well, whom he often refers to as 'baby'. The film manipulates our sympathies with Ishaan by showing the boss to be an unreasonable egotist.

Yes it's that kind of a movie, where the hero is an insufferable boor to the women in his life, but ultimately, only has to make puppy-dog eyes to be forgiven. And so, even though he dumps Gauri (Prachi Desai) in the middle of the road at midnight because she won't sleep with him, she's all smiley and friendly the next morning.

This OD of magnanimity continues as Gauri finds him in one precarious situation after the other (heck, she picks him up drunk from the ex's house), but has no problem putting up and even dreaming of a future with him. While a sensible girl would have bolted seeing his behaviour, Gauri suggests they move to Paris instead.

The finale is a mishmash of a music performance, a pregnant lady having labour pains, and Ishaan having to choose between love and responsibility. Predictably he makes the 'noble' choice.

The highly regressive film takes a somewhat modern stance towards the very end. Of course, why the characters do what they do, how the characters have a turnaround are not important enough to explain and justify.

John Abraham is all there with his toothy grin, muscles, and a fair performance. Chitrangda Singh, immaculately turned out as always, is the most watchable.

Prachi Desai is earnest but her bubbly girl act grates on your nerves at times. Zarina Wahab plays 'The Mom' yet again, feeding the son and giving him the 'Bollywood slap' when she's angry.

Director Kapil Sharma gives us a film that's embarrassingly chauvinistic and regressive. What saves the film to an extent is the attractive cast and the contemporary twist towards the end.

But that's frankly not enough. It just isn't.

Rating: 2 stars

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