Jhootha Hi Sahi is nowhere as interesting as its title

Jhootha Hi Sahi is nowhere as interesting as its title

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 22 October 2010

Movie Title

Jhootha Hi Sahi is nowhere as interesting as its title


Abbas Tyrewala

Star Cast

John Abraham, Pakhi, R Madhavan, Raghu Ram

The film is nowhere as interesting as its title. It tries to be though, which is gnawing.

Siddharth (John Abraham) along with two F.R.I.E.N.D.S runs a quaint Indian bookstore (?We don?t do Deepak Chopra?) that also sells pickle. The film tries an Indian film version of several American sitcoms based around a group of friends, but this bunch is hardly endearing.

Siddharth?s best buddy and business partner Omar (Raghu Ram) lives with his sister Aliya (Alishka Varde) who is pregnant with boyfriend Nick?s child. Nick wants to marry Aliya and his attempts at proposing are shown comically in the film, always resulting in a rude let-down by the girl. The reason for this, as revealed at the end of the film, is hardly as catastrophic as her repeated refusals.

Then there?s a gay buddy in the group, another one who keeps changing boyfriends, and Siddharth?s girlfriend (she?s called names by his friends because she serves him greens on the plate, and wants him to wear lenses) to add to the soup.

A mix-up lands Siddharth playing a proxy suicide-helpline volunteer. One of his callers is Mishka (Pakhi) who wants to end her life over a failed relationship. He talks to her. She calls back. They form an uncanny friendship both on and off the phone, except that she doesn?t know that the bookstore Siddharth is doubling up as her ?best friend? over the phone at night. The inevitable romance happens and the second complexity arises when his girlfriend (Manasi Scott) finds out about her boyfriend?s cheating.

So sweet-faced Siddharth with the mild manners and stammer is dating the two women simultaneously, lying to both, and bizarrely supported by all his friends. He?s the character you?re going to root for? Unlikely.

Then there?s the other central character?that of Mishka?s. Hard to warm up to as well. Sobbing over her past, giving up painting to work in a DVD store, ready to commit suicide, finding a reason to live only after she falls in love again, flitting between the two men like a distracted butterfly! And forget about the others: they?re great-looking, cardboard characters written without nuance or depth.

Performances however are competent. John Abraham is very good in keeping with his recent performances. Pakhi (also the writer, and wife of director Abbas Tyrewala) is passable. Director Abbas Tyrewala (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) makes a film constantly in an identity flux, confused whether it?s a Hindi film or an American sitcom.

Plot developments are typical of rom-coms. The kind where Siddharth is dining with his new love, only for his ex to coincidentally pop in. There are other moments straight out of Hollywood fare like Notting Hill: the staged confusion when the group is covering up for Siddharth, the bumping into the ex-flame, the frenzied `now-or-never? finale.

Dialogue, well, it?s all in Hindi for characters based in London. So you have incongruous lines like `Tum bahut acche ho siddharth? and `Tum bahut khoobsoorat lag rahi hi?. Heck, even a term?a staple in Hollywood sitcoms and rom-coms?`I should go?, typically used by characters in awkward situations finds literal translation here?`Mujhe jaana chahiye?. The only nice touch is the term `ajeebs? (strange) shared between the gang.

Cinematography is pretty with nice aerial shots of London. The music by AR Rahman, one of the main draws, has its moments.

Jhootha Hi Sahi is a disappointing effort. This mainstream Hollywood fare with Indian tadka, served cold, is hardly appetizing.

Verdict: Two stars

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