Krrish 3 review: Violent and soulless!

Krrish 3 review: Violent and soulless!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 November 2013

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Krrish 3 review: Violent and soulless!


Rakesh Roshan

Star Cast

Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi

Ok, so the third part of the franchise is here. Ever wondered why, as the budgets and stakes of a film franchise increases, the quality steadily deteriorates? Krrish 3 is exactly that. A big-budget, crash-boom-bang fest, with zero heart.

The first few minutes take us to Kasauli for a bit of rethreading the past. Now, Dr. Rohit Mehra (Hrithik), all greying and eating Bournvita, lives with his grown son Krishna (Hrithik) and his wife (Priyanka).

It's a family secret that Krishna, who keeps getting fired from odd jobs, is actually the local superhero Krrish. It's really funny to see Krishna dancing below a giant statue of Krrish, with none being able to recognize the achingly similar physical characteristics. Why? Because Krrish wears that monokini of a mask, see.

Anyhow the superhero has a new task on hand. There's a deadly virus in the air and people are dying all over the country. At this point director Rakesh Roshan thinks it a rollicking good idea to show the audience close-ups of faces getting affected by the virus (very gross visuals).

This virus has been manufactured by Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) to make big bucks by selling the antidote. In his free time, he also manufactures 'maanvars' (a species that's a mix of human and animal). So you have a man with a frog-like tongue (that he uses to flick ice-creams), and a cat-suited mix of chameleon and human (Kangna).

This character, because of her shape-shifting quality, gives you the few minutes of entertainment relief in the entire film. (And she's compared to Surpanakha, haha.)

As for Krrish, he's not the happy, sunny superhero that'll inspire your laadla (I say that because the film focuses diligently on male children, a kind of sexism acceptable only in India). Quite a troubled soul in this film, Krrish is way too bereft of any real charm or personality to be memorable. He's the good husband and good father, and he can save an airplane or two. But where's the wit? The charm? The superhero element?

Yes, the film has pushed the envelope when it comes to special effects, but it still falls way short of the boss in this genre ?Enthiran (Robot). So there are a couple of dazzling scenes like Krrish atop a building about to fly, the airplane one and the scene where guns twist and cameras fly in mid-air, but other than that the special effects is used to show another building crash (as the background score screams your ear-drums).

The finale is just that with the hero and villain (both bleeding from the mouth) locked in a never-ending combat where they go smashing through countless buildings.

Dialogue is just about serviceable, and that's a crime because the plot had potential for so much more. You have lines like, 'Is vansh ka ansh nahin rehne doonga main' or 'Fusion is the future' (when talking about maanwars).

What's mindboggling is why the film is so child-unfriendly. In a way, the film will disappoint its most loyal viewers. With gruesome murders, very scary portions, violence where the villain wants to cut open a pregnant woman for her foetus (try explaining that to your kid, shudder), very gory visuals of people puking blood etc -- the film is constantly morbid and barely watchable even for adults.

At one point in the film, a smartass kid emerges from the crowd to tease the villain with a "Kyun, phat gayi?" The scene has the desired effect and the audience laughs. But on further reflection you realize it's not cute, it's inappropriate, and no parent would appreciate a film encouraging their kid to talk like that.

Hrithik Roshan has been so immensely likeable in his other films, that you can't quite place what went wrong here. Unbearable (he gives us a nosy voice) as the olderscientist and passable as Krrish, one thing's for sure-Hrithik Roshan can do better. Priyanka Chopra is made to dance, giggle, get pregnant, and shriek for help, all of which she does competently and without ruining the look. Kangna Ranaut is very good. Vivek Oberoi makes for a formidable villain but one that's a bit too spooky for a family film.

Loud, violent, and utterly lacking in soul - I cannot recommend Krrish 3. I just can't.

Rating: One and a half stars

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