Kuchh Kariye is so bad, it?s good

Kuchh Kariye is so bad, it?s good

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 24 April 2010

Movie Title

Kuchh Kariye is so bad, it?s good


Jagbir Dahiya

Star Cast

Sukhwinder Singh, Rufy Khan, Vikrum Kumar, Shriya

Sonia Chopra

Sukhwinder Singh in chest-revealing shirts. Sukhwinder Singh in an animated song set in the space. Sukhwinder Singh acting. The story is told in Sukhwinder Singh?s voice over, too. No, no! Give us the Sukhwinder Singh who sings any day.

This Sukhwinder Singh fest might have been somewhat tolerable had his songs at least been on par with his other work. Sadly, here the music is a let-down, too.

Sukhwinder plays Rishi, a musician thrown out of his hometown for living in with his girlfriend. The couple arrives in Mumbai where they immediately form a quartet of similar lost folks. One is Javed Khan, who is ousted by his close-minded locality for writing on peace and secularism. The other is Sunny who saunters in looking to become an actor and support a dying relative?s unfulfilled wish.

The four are looking for a place to live and all agree that it?s a near-impossible feat in Mumbai; but soon enough are living in a sprawling bungalow with a swimming pool. None of them seem to be earning, how they support themselves is curious. All they talk about is a film that they pompously claim will change the way people think.

Next up, they approach sleazy producers, even get funding, and then the fundamentalists get in the way, fearing that this small-time film by rank newcomers will shake the foundation of their propaganda. Terrorism gets mixed up in the whole thing, complete with unscrupulous politicians and cops.

Acting is uniformly bad. Sukhwinder has made a fool of himself, wearing a magenta pant-shirt, cavorting with semi-clad girls who?d most likely call him uncle in person. Somewhere in the middle, he takes off his jacket and thrusts himself on the unwilling crowd. The dialogue delivery is slow, deliberate; the way you read a book.

Dialogue is written in an archaic, beating-around-the bush manner. Songs are mainly attempts to showcase Sukhwinder in a rock star format. Then there is a romantic number where Sukhwinder and his love interest sing inane lyrics, dancing around trees the way they did decades ago.

Then there is one song with Sukhwinder in a curly wig, where planets crash into each other among other tacky CG.

Debut producer-director Jagbir Dahiya?s treatment of the subject of secularism and peace is simplistic and impractical.

The accidentally hilarious bits include terrorists screaming jihad, jihad, jihad. And a top cop holding a meeting with his best officers about giving protection to this nondescript film?s shooting.

Go for it only if you?re a fan of the ?it?s so bad, it?s good? films.

Rating: 1 star

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